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eBook: Turn Your Employees Into Selling + Recruiting Ambassadors

Take the first step in moving you and your organization forward on LinkedIn. With this Ebook, our goal is to give you insight, tips and ways to consider leveraging LinkedIn across your entire organization.

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Connections Strategy

When did you join LinkedIn? If it was more than twelve months ago, it may be time to assess your current network on LinkedIn. This Connections Strategy resource series will be helpful to you if you need help answering these questions:
  • How many connections do you have?
  • With whom do you need to reconnect?
  • Who are you connected with that you do not know, but maybe want to know better?
  • How do you engage with people you want to know better in your network?
  • How do you decide whom you need to remove from your network?
  • How do you remove connections without them knowing?

While it is important to grow your network with quality connections, it is as equally important to engage your current connections. Through reaching out to current connections, many of our clients have acquire many new business ventures!

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Your 12-Month LinkedIn Social Selling Plan

Regardless of where you fall, you need a social selling plan. You don’t wake up, log in and become a social salesperson overnight. Just like you wouldn’t walk in a room with a megaphone and say “buy from me today, please.”

Take this month by month or accelerate the months into weeks. Regardless of how you manage this, follow the order, be consistent and log your activity so you can see your results. Go in order. The foundational work is critical and makes it easier to get to the good stuff (good connections, new business opportunities, a new job etc.)


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