The clients who commit and apply our insight see results. Here is a sampling:

A client, over a five-month period, secured 45 first-time appointments from a Center of Influence campaign which yielded $390,000 in new business and pipeline of more than $400,000 for Q1 2016. This represented 28% of their total new business for the year. One of their new clients has the potential to provide more than half a million in new business alone.

A client’s SSI score more than doubled from 33 to 83 in 2016 by implementing our recommendation of consistent outreach, posting and engagement.

A client attributed 20% of their new business to people identified and approached through LinkedIn.

A client saw a 253% increase in profile views after working with Intero on her profile and messaging.

A client saw a 214% increase in referrals and 652% increase in referrals sourced through LinkedIn over a seven months period.

Erin, Intero’s Talent Finder, has a Recruiter InMail Response rate – spanning the last 6 months, of 35%.

Wait. There’s more.

Your Vistage training for LinkedIn has been the most valuable training that I have taken in the last 10 years! No exaggeration. I’ll be referring many existing business clients. Vistage Chair | Vistage Worldwide

After hearing Colleen’s presentation, I’ve made several of the low-hanging fruit, easy changes to my LI page. In less than 48 hrs I have already had two successes directly related to Colleen’s tips!  CEO

Colleen did a fantastic job of explaining why LinkedIn is such an important tool even for CEOs, and then provided excellent hands-on help in how to use it effectively…..Several said they entered the room skeptical about this and left with great appreciation for this tool and practical things to follow up on. She showed us things none of us knew could be done with LinkedIn. Each member received personal suggestions for their profile based on Colleen’s review of every member’s profile in advance of the meeting. Her handouts were helpful, her hands-on demonstrations and working with individuals invaluable, and her follow-up suggestions will help everyone get traction with this.
Colleen really gets this topic. She’s lived it from the ground up and understands the audience to whom she’s presenting. Great topic great on hands experience. Great delivery. Vistage Chair + CEO

Great session today, thanks for sharing all your insights with us and training on how to improve our LinkedIn interaction. Director of Sales 

Thank you for a wonderful webinar on LinkedIn for new Vistage Chairs. I collected some great insights from you today! Would love to connect with you on LinkedIn & hope to add value to you as well. Vistage Chair | Vistage Worldwide

Great presentation today, and I learned more than I expected so thank you for that!  I’d love the opportunity to connect with you. Vistage Chair | Vistage Worldwide

 It was a great session. THANKS for all the valuable information! Marketing Professional

Thank you again for a great session yesterday.  Since facilitating learning is one of our core capabilities, you had a tough audience. They really liked your delivery style as well as your depth of knowledge.  The pace was perfect and everyone felt like they had some nice takeaways. Great focus on strategy and fun.  Director of Training 

Thank you for a fantastic presentation today.  Your seminar was invaluable, and your presentation style is engaging and stimulating.  I look forward to revising my LinkedIn Profile incorporating your expert guidance!  CFO | Nonprofit 

Great workshop today. I learned quite a bit. I especially thing setting three appointments with LinkedIn per week where I am intentionally active will be powerful. CEO

That was a truly helpful Webinar.  I thought I was skilled in Linkedin but I learned quite a bit.  I think each of the things you mentioned will be helpful for me to build my practice, especially having my presence seen consistently. CEO

Additional recommendations can be found on LinkedIn in the Recommendation section.

The feedback we receive inspires us to continually add greater value to our clients.

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