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You’ll benefit from our expertise, best practices, and process. More than six hundred companies already have.

CEOs, business owners, marketing, sales, and human resource professionals call us because they’re frustrated with their LinkedIn results or realize they haven’t paid much attention.

Concerned their competitors have figured out how to leverage LinkedIn, they’ve fallen behind or are overwhelmed by the amount of money they’ve spent on LinkedIn with no measurable ROI; they realize a new approach is needed.

Our best clients realize their outcomes are a result of choosing the right LinkedIn products, having a strategy, and having a plan to implement their strategy. They recognize that to gain presence, recruit effectively, and uncover new business opportunities someone in their organization needs to own this initiative.

You don’t need a plan that sits in Dropbox or Google Drive. Instead, you benefit from a plan that you and your team can implement immediately. One that’s practical and enhances your current recruiting, nurturing, and prospecting activity.


1. Nearly half of all business decision-makers say that reading a company’s thought leadership had led to directly doing business with them (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (Publishing on LinkedIn)

2. Only 34% of businesses feel that their social strategy is connected to business outcomes

3. A mere 12% of enterprise organizations are confident that they have a plan that looks beyond the next year

4. Just 28% of companies feel that they are a holistic approach to social media

5. 90% of the buyer’s journey may be complete before they contact a salesperson

6. On average company employees have 10x the number of connections than the company page has followers

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You realize you need a practical LinkedIn strategy for you and your colleagues and cover all aspects of LinkedIn. 

Our Playbook provides straight-forward best practices and activities to further how you and your team leverage LinkedIn for branding, business development, and recruiting. 

Your company Playbook begins at $1950.

If you need a Playbook and coaching, we’re here to help.

In addition to your Playbook, you or you colleagues receive 1:1 coaching that focuses on your particular objective or topic. 

This package includes your Playbook and a minimum of three coaching sessions and the pricing begins at $3500.

If you need a Playbook and coaching, we’re here to help.

In addition to your Playbook and 1:1, you realize you need assistance with profile development. We’re here to help.

This package includes your Playbook, a minimum of three coaching sessions and the pricing begins at $6495 

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