Is Intero Advisory affiliated with LinkedIn?

No, we are an independent business based in the U.S. who has been focused on helping businesses and individuals maximize their understanding and use of LinkedIn for branding, business development, and recruiting since 2011.

I have a specific question about my LinkedIn account, can Intero Advisory help me?

No, unfortunately, since we are not LinkedIn, we can not help you with any requests that would require having access to your LinkedIn account. The best course of action? Check out LinkedIn’s Help Center.

I can not log into my LinkedIn account?

Reset your password. Don’t forget to save it somewhere you can easily find it.

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Yes and no. LinkedIn Premium is worth the investment if you are intentional about why you are using LinkedIn and have a plan of action in place to maximize your investment. Sales Navigator is now (Fall 2021) a version of Premium and is what we recommend to clients who are focused on business development and recruiting. 

If you are using LinkedIn to manage your profile, your network, and some posting, you don’t need Premium. If you decide that you need to be more intentional for hiring, business development, and building a new channel, you can always upgrade.

I’ve tried Sales Navigator in the past and found no value, why should I try it again?

We always respond with a question, “Did you have a strategy and workflow for Sales Navigator?” If so, we recommend reviewing your past/current plan and see where it may be less than optimized and tweak and test it to see if you can increase your metrics.

If you have tried Sales Navigator and realize that you did not have a strategy and workflow in place, we suggest you pause and start there.

  • What is your objective for using Sales Navigator?
  • How many touches do you need to incorporate to spark a conversation or interest?
  • Are you focused on individuals or account based sales?
  • Is your messaging written out?
  • Would you or someone from your leadership respond to your messaging?
  • Do you have content to share with someone you connect with? 
  • Is your content valuable or salesy?
  • Are you clear and specific about your prospective client’s criteria?

These are some of the questions you need to answer first so that you can get the most out of your Sales Navigator investment. 

Yes, we help with developing the strategy and workflow as well as coaching, training, and consulting on Sales Navigator and all LinkedIn products. 

Here are additional resources for Sales Navigator.

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As a CEO, is it really important for me to be active on LinkedIn since others in my company are?

As the face of your company or organization, it’s quite important that you have a strong LinkedIn presence through your profile, a valuable network, and keep others informed about your business, products and services, and employees. 

Candidates want to know who leads the company they may work for. 

Investors want to vet and see that you and your leadership team are relevant.

Clients want to know who they are doing business with.

Partners want to be about to proudly represent, refer, or recommend you.

LinkedIn is going to be among the easiest ways to ensure that happens. Additionally, you control the narrative. What is it that you want people to know and understand about you, your expertise, and your business?

What kind of content should I share on LinkedIn?

The answer is simple; share, comment, and send content that is valuable to people in your network. Know who is in your network and think about what is important to them. Curate or create content that informs, educates, inspires them, and showcases your expertise.

How often should I share content on LinkedIn?

That depends on how much content you are currently sharing. If you’re not sharing any content, start with once or twice a week. The key is to be consistent and continue sharing and engaging.

How can you help me with LinkedIn?

There are a variety of ways we help individuals, leaders, business developers, sales and recruiting professionals.

For individuals it’s usually a LinkedIn profile and resume development and 1:1 coaching. Our coaching is designed to meet the individual where they are and provide a tailored and practical  plan for greater effectiveness and desired outcomes. 

For CEOs, owners and leadership teams it’s usually LinkedIn profile development, strategy and an executive-focused webinar showing the power of LinkedIn for business development and recruiting. 

For marketing, sales and recruiting  it’s usually our It’s Business, Not Social™ certification program to ensure there is an in-house LinkedIn champion and trainer who can support their team’s LinkedIn business development, sales, marketing, and recruiting objectives.

For those clients that have a learning management system (LMS) or specific training program, we create tailored tutorials for on-demand learning.

For business development and sales it’s usually LinkedIn profile development, strategy and a series of virtual hands-on workshops focused on strategy and tactics for topics, including:

  • Settings & Privacy
  • Nurturing and expanding networks
  • Identifying centers of influence
  • Creating key searches
  • Messaging appropriately
  • Leveraging company Pages
  • Best practices for engaging with content
  • Maximizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How can you help someone like me who has no time or is not interested in learning or participating on LinkedIn?

We work with a select group of clients to support their LinkedIn profile and key business objectives. Unfortunately, we can’t work with everyone because our process requires our team to hand-select everyone we source for our clients  ― no automation, bots, or extensions. 

Our clients are committed to the process, collaborating with us, and have products or services with a significant price point, and have woven LinkedIn into their long-term strategy. 

By the way, if you are not interested in being on LinkedIn and engaging with potential clients, partners, investors, board members, alumni then I wonder why you would think they would want to engage with you or your company. 

Of course, that does mean you can filter out the people and invitations that are automated, spam and clearly just trying to sell you something.

There are so many automation services that are significantly less expensive than your services? Why would I choose Intero Advisory?

Great question. We don’t support or believe in automation because it presumes that LinkedIn’s algorithm is accurate and that the information on someone’s LinkedIn’s profile is updated and/or accurate. Those are flawed assumptions. 

Beyond that, automation is not in line with LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and they are making strides to reign in the automated tools and bots using their platform. 

Automated tools tend to dilute a person’s network and we’ve heard from plenty of people who have tried it and want to work with us. Our rule is that if someone has used automation at any time during the preceding 12 months, we will not work with them.

Lastly, the adage, you get what you pay for, is usually spot on.

How does selling work on LinkedIn? It’s not working for me.

Our best advice is to not sell on LinkedIn. The number one piece of information CEOs, presidents, and owners share with us is, “As soon as I connect with someone they want a meeting, always trying to sell me something.” 

Our advice is to build a great profile, be good at what you do so that you attract others to you, build a strategic network and engage professionally and with intention consistently. Be glad to be on LinkedIn and consider the world’s largest and most effective networking event.