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Who should I accept invitations from? People you know and people you should know especially if they can become an influencer, connector, customer/client, etc. 

When I accept an invitation, should I send a follow-up message? Yes, absolutely send a follow up message and consider tweaking our scripts or create your own. Save it to use again. Be sure to personalize the message.

I’m receiving connection requests. What’s the process to decide if I should accept the request & what’s my reply script? Should you decide to accept the connection request, and you are familiar with that person, you can respond with something similar to:

       “Great to connect with you on LinkedIn. Hope all is well.”

       “Great to connect with you on LinkedIn. Let’s catch up sometime soon.”

       “Great to connect with you on LinkedIn. Great to see you .”

Should I send a message to a lead even though we just finished a phone call? Do I summarize our call? What do I do with them now that they said they weren’t interested in? You should send a follow-up message thanking them for their time. Think about writing a message similar to this:

“Thank you for your time. I enjoyed speaking with you. If you are ever interested in in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach back out and we can discuss further.”

Once I have a new connection and they decide they aren’t interested, do I keep them as a connection with some sort of ongoing outreach to keep them fresh or do I eventually cull them out? Yes, it is always good to keep the connection with that lead because it will expand your network. We can also keep note of who that lead is, and potentially reach back out to them several months later to see if they’re interested in learning more about your company.

Who should I cull out of my LinkedIn network? Why/criteria? People that you don’t know, are out of your market and you wouldn’t consider working or networking with.

If they are people within your geographic market, consider keeping them in your network since they may connect you to others that you should connect with.

When I receive reminders such as a new position, birthday, anniversary should I reach out? If so, what should I say? Yes. If you know them reasonably well or can use this as a reason to start a conversation, do so. A quick message may include the following:

    “It’s always a good day when it’s your birthday, enjoy!”

Yes, always on new positions and anniversaries. For a new position, consider one of the following:

     “Congratulations on your new position!”

     “Best of luck on your new journey! Congratulations”.

For anniversaries:

     “Congratulations on — years at — company!”

     “Congratulations on — years! Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?”

Is there a regular outreach program I should have to keep connections fresh? How often? What do I say? If someone starts a conversation with you, just respond as conversationally as possible. Stay in touch with them. Like, comment or share their content. Be a good social citizen.

There are many people I know that I have not connected to. You should be connected to people you know. Please jot their names down and send them a connection request.

Should I connect to as many people as possible or be very selective? Both. You need to expand your network strategically. You want a strong, significant, highly-engaged network (don’t connect with people who have less than 100 connections). You need at least more than 500 connections so to generate good search results. Quality over quantity.

There are a few folks that I’m sure would be very “useful” on LinkedIn but I personally don’t like them though they like me. Should I make these connections anyway? Yes, if they can be helpful, connect with them. In building your pipeline/funnel you need all the help you can get and connections you make. Consider them a subset of your “A” connections.

What is the best way to remove or un-invite someone from your network? Do they know that you unconnected with them? You need to remove them individually by going to their profile and clicking on the three dots to the right of their profile photo, choosing Remove Connection and proceeding to complete the action.

No, they are NOT notified.

How can I use a blog post or shared content from a member of my company to my advantage? Go to the post on LinkedIn and comment or share it. Your comment will be added to the thread on the post and it will go out to your network. Be sure to add an introduction when sharing to “tease” the post to your network and encourage them to read it. Let them know why you are sharing it. What’s valuable in the post that they should read?

What does it mean to view my profile in edit mode? How do I switch from viewing my profile in edit mode to viewing it as a connection? When you are in edit mode it allows you to make changes to your profile and you will know you are in edit mode by the light blue pencil in each Section. It does not allow you to expand the whole summary box in order to read the entire summary, etc. To change and see your profile how others will see it scroll up near your photo where it says “View Profile.”

Is it common to see a post published solely on LinkedIn? Yes, publishing directly to LinkedIn is common as you can leverage a much larger network. Many people do this especially if they do not have their own website.

Who can I share and send articles to? You can share and send articles to anyone in your network. Typically, you want to post, like, share, and comment on content that will add value to your network, show your industry expertise and help you create conversations with prospects and clients/members.

Make sure to add your own personal introduction to the post so people know why they should pay attention.

Is it a good idea to add subject areas after my name, separated by vertical lines? Yes, it is clean and takes the headline beyond the title and adds keywords that help LinkedIn and those viewing your profile to know your specialities. Remember, the more your keywords are woven throughout your profile, the better.

I have 2 inboxes, why? You have two inboxes if you use LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is a standalone product. You have the ability to send messages or InMails through Sales Navigator and the responses to those sent through Sales Navigator will appear in your regular LinkedIn.com Inbox as well.

If you send messages or InMails in LinkedIn.com, the responses will be in your LinkedIn.com message center.

No matter where you send a connection request from (Sales Navigator or LinkedIn.com), the notification of acceptance and any response will be in your LinkedIn.com message center.

Is my Social Selling Index number good? Any number over 70 is great. Use your Social Selling Index number to gauge your LinkedIn effectiveness rather than popularity or social influence. The goal is to increase your score with strategic activities to leverage LinkedIn’s network for your benefit. We have specific activities to help you increase the four areas of your Social Selling Index.

Should I add the people that are already in my CRM to the LinkedIn outreach? Yes, absolutely. Go through your list of contacts/companies etc. and download them and remove anyone who has expressed they are not interested in further conversations.

Once this process is complete, we will use general outreach for the leads you haven’t been in contact with. If there are leads you have been in contact with and are either very interested or somewhat interested, then we will construct customized messaging.

Have additional questions? Let us know! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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