How to Utilize LinkedIn Events for Your Next Conference or Webinar

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The LinkedIn Event page is a great tool to help reach your attendees and audience, especially if you are still trying to host events virtually. Event pages enable you to make a public or private event, invite your connections, see who is attending, and update the attendees directly on the page. They are quick to […]

Salespeople: The Conference Session You Should Have Attended

Are you are in sales or marketing and trying to figure out how to sell to today’s modern and incredibly busy buyer? If so, this post is for you. You may only get eight seconds; make the most of it. Every conference works hard to find just the right keynote speaker to educate, entertainment and […]

3 More Ways to Supercharge Your Conference Experience

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It’s conference season for many of our clients and my colleague, Colleen McKenna, wrote an article that I encourage ALL conference goers to read before you attend your next event entitled: Supercharge Your Conference Experience. Colleen does a great job at walking you through her process for pre- and post-conference outreach with speakers, clients, prospects, […]

Supercharge your Conference Experience

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Everyone gets excited when the conference registrations pop into your inbox (or mailbox) inviting you to the best conference ever in a fabulous city or exotic resort. Who wouldn’t be excited, especially after someone else has green-lighted it and signed off on the registration, travel AND accommodations? What’s your next step? Check out the golf courses? […]

Great Conference? Now Go To LinkedIn.

It’s conference season, right? Conferences mean networking and education. I returned a few days ago from American Marketing Association’s National Leadership Summit in Chicago. Local AMA chapters came together and over three hundred marketers converged for three days of learning, networking, entertainment, and of course, eating. There was incredible buzz around everything we talked about and […]

No More Spray and Pray – Sell Smarter – Account-Based Sales

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Spaghetti on a wall works for lots of sales professionals. However, buyers are savvy and want the information to be relevant and add immediate value. Random messages with little value or context dilutes a person or company’s reputation and brand position.

How Companies Can Increase Their Digital Voice

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KEY ACTIONS Acknowledge that others use LinkedIn to vet and verify you (and, your colleagues and teams.) Craft a plan to gain best practices so that you can maximize LinkedIn for your branding and business initiatives. Triage your current LinkedIn profile and network. LinkedIn Profiles, remain some of the MOST underwhelming, underperforming, and boring digital […]

LinkedIn Coaching + Training

Virtual Coaching and Training LinkedIn is always changing. Standout by learning how to maximize your brand, network, and activity. Learn more about our coaching and training packages Group Workshop via Zoom Our workshops are designed for a team, company, conference, or professional group. Our coaching is strategic, practical, and immediately actionable. Each workshop is designed […]

6 Tips for B2B Content Marketing During Coronavirus

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Did you catch our webinar on Getting Your Content Right with Yvonne Lyons from Right Source Marketing? If not, it’s right below! There isn’t a better content pro than Yvonne, period. Over the years, she has been my client, a colleague when content was called custom publishing, and most importantly, a great friend. While we […]

Have You Missed the Window of Opportunity on LinkedIn?

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You’ve probably heard about LinkedIn’s stats. At least a few of them. Every day, millions of posts, videos and articles course through the LinkedIn feed, generating tens of thousands of comments every hour — and tens of millions more shares and likes. Messages sent has increased 35% year over year. Weekly members who engage heavily […]