Jim Cusick

Jim has worked in multiple different industries and for companies small to enterprise level.

His experiences have given him a glimpse into how businesses run, try to grow, or change over time. He also is an avid learner who continues to develop his skillset to be able to deliver at a high level for his customers.

Jim Cusick Director of Digital Enablement
  • My Skills - Analyzing Situations, Memory, Head Math, and Job Searching
  • My Tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Recruiter, Airtable, Harvest, Google’s Apps, and Hubspot
  • My Likes - Being Outdoors, A Clean Kitchen, Cooking, JRE (Joe Rogan) + MeatEater Podcasts, and the Ravens + Capitals + Orioles
  • My Dislikes - Aggressive + Distracted Driving, Flying, Raisins, and the New England Patriots
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