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Virtual Coaching and Training LinkedIn is always changing. Standout by learning how to maximize your brand, network, and activity. Learn more about our coaching and training packages Group Workshop via Zoom Our workshops are designed for a team, company, conference, or professional group. Our coaching is strategic, practical, and immediately actionable. Each workshop is designed […]

Leaving Your Previous Company? Don’t Forget the Separation Process on LinkedIn.

It is no secret that the pandemic has left many people jobless and in a slump. With over 8% of the US population still jobless due to COVID-19, moving on from your previous employer can seem daunting and disheartening, however, you are not alone and we are here to help! When I was laid off […]

Offerings via CA for testing 7.12.20

Virtual LinkedIn Workshop Purchase a 90-minute workshop to boost your company’s LinkedIn sales, marketing, and recruiting strategy. A 90-minute Workshop provides the strategy and tactics to further how your team maximizes LinkedIn for business development. Our Workshop is interactive, cover particular LinkedIn topics and is led and recorded through Zoom.   Our goal is to help […]

Have You Missed the Window of Opportunity on LinkedIn?

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You’ve probably heard about LinkedIn’s stats. At least a few of them. Every day, millions of posts, videos and articles course through the LinkedIn feed, generating tens of thousands of comments every hour — and tens of millions more shares and likes. Messages sent has increased 35% year over year. Weekly members who engage heavily […]

Are You Aware of What Contact Information is Posted on Your Profile?

Do you know what contact info is shared on LinkedIn

You know the email address you use to log into your LinkedIn profile? Most of you might not know this, but everyone you’re connected to has access to that email. Let me reiterate that everyone on LinkedIn cannot access this email, only the people in your network. You might not be a fan of this […]

Why You Need To Finally Get Your Personal Brand Online

December 4th, 2010, I lost my job. I was relieved and terrified at the same time. Who wouldn’t be? We were emerging from one of the worst recessions in history, at least contemporary times and everyone was pretty bruised from the previous couple of years. As I slogged through job descriptions, I found myself more […]

Stop, Think, and Be Sure Before You Connect on LinkedIn

Who thinks of networking in macro or micro terms? Probably no one and that is why I want you to think about it that way. We are always asking clients about their networks. Who are you connected to? How well do you know them? Are they good referral sources for you? If you don’t know […]

Change Your Profile Picture on LinkedIn to Public

Is your profile photo currently set to Public, making everyone that views your profile, whether they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd connections, or randomly stumbled across your profile on the internet, able to see your picture? If not, why? If it’s a privacy concern, we ask that you be open-minded with what we are about to […]

Download Your 1st Degree Connections on LinkedIn

How many current connections do you have on LinkedIn? Are these people still crucial to the work that you are doing? Do you even know everyone in your network? LinkedIn makes it easy and convenient for us to see all of those connections in a spreadsheet so that you can take a look at your […]

13 Tips to Get the Most Out of the LinkedIn Mobile App

You’re not at your desk, you prefer your tablet or phone to your desktop or laptop, you’ve become accustomed to using apps rather than websites – you may fit in one or more of these categories. If so, learning more about LinkedIn’s mobile apps is important for you. It’s been a long while since we’ve […]