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Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter To You Part 1 of 5

  Several times in the last two days I have seen company pages that are not complete, not set up correctly, are mapped to individuals …


Five Reasons Why the C-Suite Needs To Finish Their LinkedIn Profiles

The other day during a LinkedIn workshop someone asked if CEOs were using LinkedIn. He mentioned that he thought a lot of CEOs had incomplete …


5 Ways To Build Relevance On LinkedIn

There is a multitude of ways to create presence, interaction and new opportunities on LinkedIn. And, as LinkedIn continues to add to build-out, its value …


Create A Solid Sales Strategy With or Without A Sales Manager

If you have read any of my blog posts you know I talk with salespeople everyday and I hear about what is working and what …


What’s The Value of Your LinkedIn Network?

What’s the value of your network? Does yours have a strong heartbeat or is flatlining? Do you reach out and talk to people, initiate conversation and interest? …


Think Carefully About Those Posts

Every young professional, college student and teenager I know understands, for the most part, the lasting impression of social media indiscretion, of posting the party …


Learning LinkedIn At 19 or 73

I hosted a LinkedIn Lunch and Learn the other day where the audience was filled with a wide range of professionals who understand and use …


How Do You Look on LinkedIn?

I hear a lot people talking about their profiles, most people say their profile is not updated, they created it a while ago and pay little …

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