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NEWS from Intero | Conversation with Newt Fowler

Cultivating Your Brand: A Conversation with Colleen McKenna, Principal of Intero Advisory By Newt Fowler January 17, 2013 How many of us view the …

Intero Team

NEWS from Intero | CityBizlist Strategic Partnership Announced

Citybizlist and Intero Advisory Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Essential LinkedIn Services     January 22, 2012 Citybizlist and Intero Advisory have announced a strategic …


Removing Connections on LinkedIn

In my last post, I showed you how to keep from inviting and connecting your entire personal email address book to LinkedIn. But if you …


How to Connect on LinkedIn — and how not to

I have had more than a few questions lately about how to connect on LinkedIn. Who should be in your network and how do you …


Be Diligent and Systematic to Maximize LinkedIn

  In my last post, we talked about my new acronym LEADS: LinkedIn Engagement–Authentic, Diligent, Systematic. We covered Engagement and Authenticity in the last post …


Maximize LinkedIn–4 New Habits to Create Opportunities

  To maximize LinkedIn and see the results you are looking for in 2013, you need to use it consistently. The best way to do …


Learn More and Leverage LinkedIn to Drive Sales in 2013

Are you familiar with the rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins, RGIII? I love his nickname, shortened from Robert Griffin III. RGIII is just so …


5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account

  If you are or hope to be serious about LinkedIn, you should consider upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium Account. I spend a great deal …


New LinkedIn Profiles—Where Did The Apps Go?

Many of us received our  new LinkedIn profile this week, I actually appreciated the email I received on Monday giving me a heads up. How …

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