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Grow Your LinkedIn Network with In-Person Meetings – Reply But Don’t Accept…Yet

Let me guess: Your pipeline is full of meetings and you cannot possibly fit another cup of coffee into your week. Not the case? So …


Let Students Into Your LinkedIn Network? Pay it Forward

I talk a lot about creating a strategic LinkedIn network, not accepting all invitations, and monitoring the integrity of your network. I believe in and …


LinkedIn Mentions — Turn Updates into Conversations

Do people really pay attention to all the status updates on LinkedIn? Do you? I have a very active network, but I do as much …


Great Conference? Now Go To LinkedIn.

It’s conference season, right? Conferences mean networking and education. I returned a few days ago from American Marketing Association’s National Leadership Summit in Chicago. Local AMA …


Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile: 10 Useful Tips

Did you personalize your LinkedIn profile? Like really work on it to make it unique when you created it—or did you just do the basics …

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NEWS | Colleen McKenna to Serve on AMA Baltimore Board

The Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Baltimore) today announced that its members have elected Barnaby Wickham as new Board president, as well as the …


5 Key LinkedIn Privacy Control Settings You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered why some of your connections blow up the activity feed on your LinkedIn home page? You know what I’m referring to: …


LinkedIn iPad App —When To Use It and How

Yesterday in back-to-back coaching sessions with two different CEOs, both mentioned their frustration with the LinkedIn iPad app. More and more CEOs and other business …


Your Content Is Only As Good As Your People

Are your wondering what all the talk surrounding content is all about? Wondering how it facilitates selling? Content is king. We are bombarded by content. …

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