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Can You Own Your Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

In one of our last posts we talked about how little control you, an employer, have over your employees’ LinkedIn Profiles. If you recall, everything …


Your LinkedIn Story | LinkedIn Introduction Pays Off

Sometimes people prefer to stay under the radar when they share their stories, we respect that. It makes their story no less compelling. This came …


Check References on LinkedIn for Hiring Insight

  Everyone knows there are inherent flaws with reference checks. A candidate provides his or her best references and a reference can only provide the …


How Much Control Do You Have Over Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

Have you noticed what your employees’ LinkedIn profiles look like lately? If you have a LinkedIn Company Page it’s easy to see them all. I …


Your LinkedIn Success Story | A 5-Minute Response

Personalizing Pays Off Scott Whelchel, Greenville Area Manager & Business Consultant at SC Small Business Development Centers Scott’s LinkedIn Profile | In using LinkedIn for several years, …


Need the Right Person for the Job? Use LinkedIn for Recruiting Success

As a corporate recruiter, hiring manager or CEO, you know you have some positions that are far more difficult to fill than others. Maybe you …


Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Work

“LinkedIn doesn’t work for me.” “Is your Profile complete? Do you invite people into your network? Do you introduce others? Are you sharing content? Are …


Let Me Know Why We Should Connect on LinkedIn

The world  is shrinking, LinkedIn’s membership is increasing, and our networks are growing and becoming increasingly more important to our business success. Most of us—including …


Three Ways LinkedIn Contacts Makes You More Effective

Over and over people ask me how much time should they spend in LinkedIn each day. It’s a great question but filled with ambiguity. Business …

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