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Get Unroll.me and Reclaim Your Inbox

I’ve unsubscribed from more than 557 email lists in the first three months of the year and have “rolled up” 332. Many of those I …


Do CEOs know what they want? Yes, they do.

Do you download content that makes you think? I do. While I’m interested in lots of varied information and am a sucker for a good …


The Risk and Reward of Your Employees Looking Good on LinkedIn

Just the other day, I had three separate conversations with CEOs who had decided it was time to think about LinkedIn more carefully. While interested …

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Intero’s Spring Cleaning Agenda

It seems like our spring cleaning post might become an annual post. While the weather may not be consistently warm and sunny, it’s time to …


LinkedIn Recruiter: How I Made the Top 1%

On 3/13/19, I received this message from LinkedIn: I am not at all a person that seeks accolades or awards, however, I have to admit, …


Why You Need to be Paying More Attention to Detail

I had no idea that being detail-oriented was such an important personality trait until I got to Intero, but it turns out I had been …


The Most Important 2000 Characters on Your LinkedIn Profile

Billboard, bio or book. This pretty much sums up the three types of LinkedIn Summary sections we typically see. Each, while they may make sense …

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Living The Dream Is Not Just A Cliché

I have a client or two that always answers the question, “How are you?” with one of my favorite answers, “Living the dream.” Are they? …

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Are You Sure Your Content is Share-Worthy?

Today, focus on only share-worthy content. In my last post, Your “Like” is Not So Inspiring, I focused on how a “Like” is just not …

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