Creating Strategic Connections: Get Deeper for Better Sales Performance

sales performance

According to the 95-5 rule, only 5% of your potential buyers are ready to buy within any quarter, meaning that 95% of potential buyers will be “in-market” sometime in the future. Consider your addressable market, and then do the math.  Then consider that rarely is a decision made by one person, especially on B2B products […]

No More Spray and Pray – Sell Smarter – Account-Based Sales

glossary of terms - account based sales

Spaghetti on a wall works for lots of sales professionals. However, buyers are savvy and want the information to be relevant and add immediate value. Random messages with little value or context dilutes a person or company’s reputation and brand position.

Strengthen Your Organization on LinkedIn and Improve Your Business Positioning

business positioning linkedin

No matter the current business and economic environment, creating new marketing campaigns, working toward and exceeding quotas, finding talent, developing your, nurturing and developing existing relationships still need to happen. You must continue adapting, innovating, and separating your business from your peers.  With economic uncertainty in the news cycle and business owner confidence at 10-year […]

Is Creator Mode on LinkedIn Right for You?

creator mode linkedin

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to utilize the “Creator mode” setting on LinkedIn. Creator mode is a setting in your profile that allows you to expand your reach and grow your influence on LinkedIn. Creator mode is a great feature for content machines— people who are […]

How to Invite Your LinkedIn Connections Follow Your Company Page

company page inviting

Did you see this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to invite connections to follow your company page. By inviting your connections, you can increase engagement on your company page, as well as ensure your content is being seen! For best results, consider inviting current and past clients/customers, friends and family, […]

Do I Have Control of My Employee’s LinkedIn Activity?

employee's LinkedIn

The question of whether or not you have control over what your employees do with their LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms is one the Intero Advisory team answers almost weekly. When a company is making specific investments into business outcomes stemming from LinkedIn, they want to ensure success.  The short answer— you do […]

How to Increase Response Rates on LinkedIn

response rates LinkedIn

Key Takeaways: 1. Shortcuts and hacks will not work to increase the effectiveness of messaging on LinkedIn. 2. LinkedIn’s data and findings are important but you need to test for your specific use case. 3. The downward trend in response rates on LinkedIn is an area of opportunity for you and your business. The title […]

Focus your LinkedIn Strategy with 10 Specific Steps

LinkedIn strategy

Sometimes no one notices except you, and sometimes the camera puts it all on display. Liza Slavin shared a video captioned “Front Door Cam is Clumsy Girl’s Worst Nightmare” that we could hardly resist sharing— with permission, of course.  While I’m always about what’s next, after ten years, I still remind people that our philosophy, […]

Are Your Employees Helping Your Company Brand?

employees branding

Companies can do everything right when it comes to content. Creating and posting relevant and engaging content, using hashtags, and tagging the right people are all great, but, if they can’t get their employees to consistently share it, they’re missing a crucial piece. Your employees are a direct representation and advocate of your brand, and […]

Golf vs. LinkedIn: The Similarities

golf vs. LinkedIn

In the spirit of warm weather, fresh-cut grass, fully booked tee times, and all of the PGA Tournament coverage, I have been thinking of the parallels between Golf and LinkedIn. While it is easy to draw parallels to Golf’s challenges with life and business, I think it is interesting to evaluate Golf and LinkedIn’s commonalities. […]