LinkedIn: The Numbers and Opportunities Don’t Lie

posted on January 2nd, 2018 by Colleen McKenna in General,Branding,CEOs,Leadership,Sales,Social Selling,Success Story with 0 Comments

Some social platforms bloom early and gain traction quickly. Others gain their momentum in a more controlled way. Platforms are a lot like people. Some peak young and stay the course their entire lives while others stay under the radar and then capture attention later in life. LinkedIn, often the fair-haired social stepchild, has now […]

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What is Your 2018 LinkedIn Training Plan?

Knowledge and skill are relative. While I may take a two or three yoga classes per week, I am no expert. Left to my own devices, my poses disintegrate into half a pose far too soon and the sequence that seems ever so important becomes a jumbled mess where my breathing sounds labored rather than […]

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Your LinkedIn Search Appearances

LinkedIn now makes it so easy to see how your network is interacting with your profile. The Dashboard on your profile serves as a central hub, where you can view Who Viewed Your Profile and, if you publish your own content on LinkedIn, your Post Views. The most exciting addition to this Dashboard is your […]

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Popular or Successful; You Decide

posted on October 3rd, 2017 by Colleen McKenna in Your Network,Branding,CEOs,Leadership,Marketing,Social Selling,Strategy with 0 Comments

I hope sometime soon the word “social” drops off the front end of media and networking. Content and digital channels get the credit they deserve, especially for those who intentionally understand, use, and engage with others who do the same. I have heard that LinkedIn has dropped the term “social selling.” Not sure if that […]

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A LinkedIn Plan that Places You In Front of the Right People

posted on September 5th, 2017 by Colleen McKenna in Your Network,CEOs,General,Leadership,Marketing,Social Selling with 0 Comments

With everyone getting back into the Fall groove, I thought I would share an oldie but goodie focused on getting your LinkedIn house in order. Welcome to our latest 12-Month LinkedIn Social Selling Plan update. More than 11,000 people have viewed, downloaded and hopefully, read and implemented our original 12-Month Social Selling Plan post from […]

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Is One of Your Key Employees Getting Ready to Leave?

posted on July 25th, 2017 by Colleen McKenna in CEOs,Hiring,Leadership,Professional Development,Social Selling,Strategy,Your Network with 0 Comments

Kudos to the CEO who left one of my training workshops and took some time to look at how he, his employees and his company looked on LinkedIn. After doing some review, not overly stealthy the way, he noticed that a senior member of his executive team seemed to be using LinkedIn differently. The tip […]

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12 Steps to Social Selling

posted on May 2nd, 2017 by Colleen McKenna in CEOs,Social Selling,Strategy with 0 Comments

I recently heard that LinkedIn may have dropped the word social from social selling. And, the funny part is that while LinkedIn has moved on most salespeople world haven’t even adopted selling through social channels. While I am not a fan of the term “social selling,” and prefer “smart selling,” it’s on trend, at the […]

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