How Valuable is Your Network?

There is so much untapped potential in your network – both who you’re connected to and the connections that have slipped your mind. Take some time to evaluate your LinkedIn network and build a strategy for how to get that network working for you. We’ve included some previous blog posts below packaged together to help […]

Salespeople are Ghosted Almost Every Day

Ghosting, while a popular term these days, is nothing new, and there’s not a day that goes by that that an article on ghosting doesn’t appear in one or more of my feeds. Mostly, the articles refer to recruiting and extend to both the candidate and the employer. Today, I want to talk about sales […]

Just One Introduction at a Time

I’m continually talking about maximizing your network by asking for and making introductions. I talk about Centers of Influence and about becoming a Center of Influence. And, I love new ways of thinking about being a valued resource to others. That’s why I was intrigued when during my post-podcast conversation with Walker McKay, he mentioned […]

Your Sales Navigator Inbox Now Plays a Critical Role

Do you have Sales Navigator? Do you prospect and send connection requests through the platform? If so, you may have noticed that previously, all connection request acceptances have been reflected in your LinkedIn messaging center, but not anymore. With your Sales Navigator subscription comes the ability to send InMails. When you send InMails using your […]

What You Need to Know About the Q1 2019 Sales Navigator Updates

While rolls new features out randomly over time, Sales Navigator is releasing quarterly updates. Bravo, LinkedIn. If only LinkedIn did this across the board with all their products (, Recruiter and the mobile apps), their members would have a greater chance of mastering LinkedIn. Years ago, we’d race to post about new updates, features […]

Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn InMail Messages

LinkedIn InMail messages have been getting a lot of airtime recently. From webinars to ebooks to A TON of client questions, it seems that this LinkedIn resource that helps you directly message non-connections is simultaneously appealing and intimidating. But have no fear! I send InMails all of the time, (daily as a matter of fact), […]

Ten Steps to Integrating Sales Navigator with Your CRM

Sales Navigator CRM

“It’s hard enough to get my sales team to use our CRM, how will I get them to log into LinkedIn too? Is there a way to integrate our CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and should I?” Explain why they need to use both tools and how it will help them. Potentially. Definitely. The more […]

Stop, Think, and Be Sure Before You Connect on LinkedIn

Who thinks of networking in macro or micro terms? Probably no one and that is why I want you to think about it that way. We are always asking clients about their networks. Who are you connected to? How well do you know them? Are they good referral sources for you? If you don’t know […]

You Need to Define, Recognize, and Engage Your Buying Community

There was a side conversation in a recent LinkedIn workshop that caught my attention. I usually hear a comment or question that sticks with me for a few days, and as I flip it around in my head, I realize there’s something we should untangle and rethink. Our workshop host, let’s call him “Sam”, dressed […]

The Seven Lies People Tell Themselves

A repost from January 30, 2018. We wanted to reshare this post because it has been relevant to our series of sales posts. We also wanted to reiterate the importance of becoming familiar with LinkedIn and other social/business platforms in order to adapt to the new norm of doing business: online. Seven Lies People Tell […]