Creating Strategic Connections: Get Deeper for Better Sales Performance

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According to the 95-5 rule, only 5% of your potential buyers are ready to buy within any quarter, meaning that 95% of potential buyers will be “in-market” sometime in the future. Consider your addressable market, and then do the math.  Then consider that rarely is a decision made by one person, especially on B2B products […]

No More Spray and Pray – Sell Smarter – Account-Based Sales

glossary of terms - account based sales

Spaghetti on a wall works for lots of sales professionals. However, buyers are savvy and want the information to be relevant and add immediate value. Random messages with little value or context dilutes a person or company’s reputation and brand position.

Account-based Marketing and Sales Drive Greater Deal Value

Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Sales

Many of our clients have adopted an account-based marketing and sales approach and are jazzed about introducing LinkedIn Sales Navigator into their process. User-generated and filtered information provides the insight, entry points, and potential connections clients need as they build their account-based marketing and sales process. If you are not using Sales Navigator for ABM/ABS, […]

Attracting Better Opportunities through a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Full-funnel marketing strategy.

A full-funnel marketing strategy is an approach to marketing that focuses on moving potential customers through the various stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion. The goal is to ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers by providing them with relevant and valuable information and experiences throughout their journey. Too often […]

Account Mapping on LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Practical Q1 Update

account mapping update

Over the last couple of weeks, our team noticed some interesting changes to Account pages on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When we dove in and reviewed the updates, we noticed that LinkedIn had rethought how you can see, understand, and begin to build saved leads within an Account page. For those who wonder what an Account […]

Want to Increase Your Sales Results? Start a Conversation

I’m a reader. So, I like a great post featuring well written, informative insight. Here’s an example of a post that appeared on my LinkedIn feed this morning, 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became the CEO of the Predictive Index. Good article, right? Predictive Index is a company I know. In […]

Recommendations for Ways to Show You Care

Keep it simple

Is there anything that hasn’t been said about Covid-19? In many of the conversations I’ve had over the last few days, one of the most genuine and thoughtful comments was, “I find it hard to be strategic when it’s so chaotic.” Matt Culloty So true, Matt Culloty. I am sure that is how most of […]

Have You Missed the Window of Opportunity on LinkedIn?

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You’ve probably heard about LinkedIn’s stats. At least a few of them. Every day, millions of posts, videos and articles course through the LinkedIn feed, generating tens of thousands of comments every hour — and tens of millions more shares and likes. Messages sent has increased 35% year over year. Weekly members who engage heavily […]

Connecting is More Than An Introduction

Katie Bush on the indispensable podcast

Katie Bush is the Business Development Manager at KatzAbosch, a leading certified public accounting, tax and consulting firm headquartered in Maryland. In today’s episode, Katie talks about why she helps others connect with the experts at KatzAbosch and others in the community. She serves as a “living LinkedIn” and takes that seriously! Show Notes: 0:00  […]

Your 2019 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Handbook

There are new updates hitting Sales Navigator this quarter. To make sure you are using this great tool to its fullest ability, and to get you ready for what’s yet to come, we’ve curated a few previous Sales Navigator blog posts. Take a look! Lead + Company Lists Connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Zoom for […]