How to Set and Manage Your Open to Work Preferences on LinkedIn

open to work breakdown

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to utilize the “Open to” feature on LinkedIn. This feature on your LinkedIn profile allows you to let everyone on LinkedIn or just recruiters know that you are open to finding a new job opportunity. When enabling this feature, you’re able […]

How Well Are You Executing Your Recruiting and Retention Strategy?

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Key Takeaways: 1. You are not setting your recruiting process or teams up for success. 2. Most recruiters/hr professionals do not have the time or ability to recruit proactively. 3. Pipelining should be a consistent activity. Be proactive, not reactive, to yield desired results. Attracting and retaining talent is difficult in a tight labor market. […]

New LinkedIn Recruiter Feature: Candidate Insights

LinkedIn recruiter candidate insights

LinkedIn is synonymous with attracting talent and searching for a new role. However, we will be the first to tell you all the other ways to use LinkedIn. The platform has helped so many with sales, branding, thought leadership, professional development, and networking, to name a few. With all of these focus areas, LinkedIn is still […]

Professionals, Small Business Owners, and Recruiters: How To Leverage LinkedIn Salary Data


LinkedIn allows its users to access insights from its trusted member base of over 740+ million. Depending on your membership level, you can access this data to help make informed decisions. As a LinkedIn Premium member, you can instantly access insights and data around salaries for multiple positions. These insights range from location-based salary ranges, […]

Build Your LinkedIn Talent Network

A phone that reads build a network of potential talent

In this quick video I talk about Building Your Talent Pipeline. Although, you many not be hiring currently you will soon. It is essential to have a plan in place as you move forward. Check out our other blog posts and learn more so you can stand out every day.

How Branding, Employee Engagement + Wellness Can Create a Stronger Workforce

We know how tough finding, and keeping, the right talent can be. This week on our podcast, in:dispensable, Colleen interviews Rachel Druckenmiller who has devoted her career to wellness, engagement and all-around workplace health. Rachel shares her wonderful insight on employee engagement, leading intentionally and how to truly value employees. The blog posts below can […]

Employee Referral Programs Are a No-Brainer

When you’re facing a major challenge, it’s sometimes really tough to identify a solution. I know this is true in life, but it’s also true in business. Nearly every client we speak with tells us that recruiting and hiring is their major challenge right now. In a recent post, I talk about hiring readiness and […]

You Aren’t Ready to Hire

There are many barriers to a good hire. Previously, I wrote about Deadbeat Candidates and the challenges of poor communication and no follow-up. I later followed that post up with Deadbeat Recruiters, because I know that for every challenging candidate out there, there is a recruiter equally deficient in communication skills and initiative. Let’s be […]

Employment Branding is Vital to Recruiting

I recently wrote about how important it is for companies to build an engaging culture in order to attract great employees: “The most talented professionals can be selective. They’re good at what they do, so they don’t necessarily need to take the first opportunity that comes their way. They’re going to find the company that […]

Do CEOs know what they want? Yes, they do.

Do you download content that makes you think? I do. While I’m interested in lots of varied information and am a sucker for a good headline, I know that I’ll be dropped into a sales funnel and a salesperson who most likely didn’t look at my LinkedIn profile or website will begin to send me […]