LinkedIn Search Appearances Feature Overview

Inform Tip and Tutorials

Last Fall, we showed you how LinkedIn has added a feature that shows you how you are showing up in LinkedIn searches. LinkedIn Search Appearances has made it easier to see how your network is interacting with your profile. If you’ve ever wondered if your Profile shows up in searches launched by other LinkedIn members, […]

How to Build Your Brand as a Candidate

Last August, we published a series of posts about building brands and branding. Specifically, employer and talent brands: how to attract talent, how to build a strong talent pipeline, how to communicate to the outside world that your organization is a great place to work. If you haven’t read Colleen’s posts, or if you haven’t yet […]

The Other 50% of Recruiting

I recently had a conversation with a close contact of mine that is considering entering the world of recruiting. I am so happy and excited for him and the opportunities that await. Recruiting can be enormously rewarding work. I’ve played a role (however small) in professionals finding their passion, escaping jobs where they were under […]

Is Your Lyft Driver the Awesome Talent You’re Searching For?

To all our friends, readers and clients, Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you pause and enjoy time with your family and friends, eat well and rest. I hope you find this week’s post encouraging. Always keep your head up and your eyes open, you never know who you might meet and be encouraged by.   Before […]

Uploading a Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

In working with job seekers regularly, I see lots of resumes; so much time, thought and hard work that has been lovingly poured into one document that’s supposed to sum up your entire career. No big deal, right? I recently realized that it’s been quite a while since I saw a resume on anyone’s Profile. […]

What is Your 2018 LinkedIn Training Plan?

Knowledge and skill are relative. While I may take a two or three yoga classes per week, I am no expert. Left to my own devices, my poses disintegrate into half a pose far too soon and the sequence that seems ever so important becomes a jumbled mess where my breathing sounds labored rather than […]

Your LinkedIn Search Appearances

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn now makes it so easy to see how your network is interacting with your profile. The Dashboard on your profile serves as a central hub, where you can view Who Viewed Your Profile and, if you publish your own content on LinkedIn, your Post Views. The most exciting addition to this Dashboard is your […]

How Does Your Recruiter Stack Up?

Recruiting great talent is as important as finding profitable clients who consider you a partner and not simply a vendor. In a recent presentation to more than sixty CEOs and business owners, less than 20% of them had a dedicated recruiter on their team. Most of these companies also said they didn’t have a talent […]

Utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter To Its Full Potential

I knew I was busy. Just how busy? Now I know! I recently received an email from LinkedIn with some of my LinkedIn Recruiter user “stats” and I was fascinated to find out how I stack up against the average user.   The truth is, LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool that must be used constantly […]

How to Leverage Your Talent Brand and Hire More Effectively

From Employer Brand to Talent Brand: “We need to hire someone for that position, today.” End of meeting. With that statement dancing in the air, the CEO abruptly leaves your office and heads to another meeting. You already knew you needed to fill that position. You knew that yesterday. Your struggle? Finding the right people […]