Company Pages Turn Your Company Into A Sales Force Part 5

In the pursuit of being found, connecting, engaging and creating opportunities both inside and outside of LinkedIn building a strong and compelling Profile and Company Page is both necessary and strategic. Outside of LinkedIn, if your Company Page is complete and key-worded properly, you will rank higher in search engines and add to your to […]

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter To You Part 4

We covered a lot of ground in part 3, and now, I want to get you thinking about tying it all together. Analytics provide lots of insight and ways of looking at a picture, but what, in the end, do you take a way from the information? Well, hopefully, serveral things. I am not really […]

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter To You Part 3 of 5

Ok, this post took a bit longer than expected, we were fighting a power outage on the East Coast this week thanks to Hurrican Irene…anyway…back to a far more interesting topic…LinkedIn Company Pages. As of August, 2011 there are are over 2 million LinkedIn Company Pages and for those that are built-out well [meaning they […]

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter To You Part 2 of 5

There are lots of LinkedIn members who started their profile and never quite finished their build-out for lots of various reasons. I get that but I would like to talk about why if I was leading your company or heading up your marketing or sales I would highly encourage those individuals to finish their profile. […]

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter To You Part 1 of 5

  Several times in the last two days I have seen company pages that are not complete, not set up correctly, are mapped to individuals who don’t work there, and perhaps worse, company pages that don’t exist. I actually see smaller companies doing a better job than larger organizations and that reinforces the thought that […]

What’s The Value of Your LinkedIn Network?

What’s the value of your network? Does yours have a strong heartbeat or is flatlining? Do you reach out and talk to people, initiate conversation and interest? I hear lots of conversations around this and wonder how we can really look at our online LinkedIn communities and see who is there, what they have in common, and […]

How Do You Look on LinkedIn?

I hear a lot people talking about their profiles, most people say their profile is not updated, they created it a while ago and pay little attention to it. I get that. I suggest taking a few minutes and going back in for another look. LinkedIn is here to stay and people all over the world […]