I’m a fan of the LinkedIn “Send” Button

Sharing content on LinkedIn is always a hot topic. It is essential to share content with intention and focus on engagement.  View the video below and check out our past blog posts with a focus on content.     Using Content to Add Value 6 Tips for BTB Content Marketing During Coronavirus Sharing Content on […]

Stop Networking and Actually Get to Know People

Speed networking has been off my radar for a while now. It’s just not enough anymore. The five to ten minutes of uber-high level pleasantries, quick questions focused on what you do, who you know and why you’re there just don’t cut it anymore. These quick conversations, usually positioned before or in between presentations, speakers, […]

3 Reasons You Need to Use a Calendar Scheduling App

Inform Tip and Tutorials

Scheduling calls and meetings takes a crazy amount of time that could be spent doing far more productive activities. If you want to make scheduling easier, choose one of the many calendar scheduling apps, set it up and give it a whirl. 98% of my calls and meetings are pre-scheduled and I know I save […]

Track and Increase Your Accountability With the Right App

Spring is busy for all of us. You may be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you can remain productive and increase your personal accountability with so much on your plate. Let’s take a look at a range of ideas and apps that can up your game, keep you focused and move you ahead. If you’ve […]

“So, What Do You Want to Do Next?”

Intro: Some clients and contacts are extra special. We have had the pleasure of working with Ed Mullin for over 8 years now. He is highly knowledgeable in his field, witty, generous with his time and network, and has just the right amount of kookiness to be an honorary part of the Intero family. We […]

Increase Your Technology, Culture and People Insight

If you have some additional downtime or are looking for a good beach read on your upcoming vacation, check out these books from our previous blog post to gain insight and knowledge that is bound to better your business and yourself as a leader. When you need a new book, check out these suggested titles: […]

Increase Your Technology, Culture and People Insight

As a life-long reader, I am naturally drawn to bookstores. I can spend hours drifting from one section to another, looking at book covers, reading titles and book jackets. However, I am careful what I leave with, hating to waste money on a book that gets shelved or neglected because it didn’t quite make it […]

Bonuses of the Right LinkedIn Network

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of an authentic LinkedIn profile and what that entails. I actually paused during a workshop last week and had everyone read it. Why? Not because it was an amazing post but because they were having a hard time wrapping their arms around what it means to […]