Your 2019 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Handbook

There are new updates hitting Sales Navigator this quarter. To make sure you are using this great tool to its fullest ability, and to get you ready for what’s yet to come, we’ve curated a few previous Sales Navigator blog posts. Take a look! Lead + Company Lists Connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Zoom for […]

Sales Navigator Update: Excluding Locations in Advanced Search

We are releasing this special quick tip so that you are in-the-know about all of the updates in Sales Navigator. I know, it seems like LinkedIn has been putting a major focus on updating Sales Navigator lately! Their newest update is the ability to exclude geographic locations in a search. Our team is really excited […]

LinkedIn App vs. Desktop: Which Should You Be Using?

Spending all day on LinkedIn, I am usually on my laptop, so I am remiss to say that I was not as familiar with the LinkedIn app until I recently started to explore it a little. I was pleased and surprised to find there are so many added features that are not available on the […]

The Dreaded Cover Letter

Writing cover letters can be really challenging. I have an interesting vantage point because I am often coaching job seekers, but I am also a Recruiter. I am amazed by the number of times my coaching clients ask about this one specific thing with such desperation and frustration. It is usually one of their first […]

Change Your Profile Picture on LinkedIn to Public

Is your profile photo currently set to Public, making everyone that views your profile, whether they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd connections, or randomly stumbled across your profile on the internet, able to see your picture? If not, why? If it’s a privacy concern, we ask that you be open-minded with what we are about to […]

The Value Behind Personalizing Connection Requests

Networking on LinkedIn can be valuable, regardless of your occupation. For business professionals especially, making connections on LinkedIn can sometimes make or break you gaining a new client. Connecting with someone on LinkedIn can potentially be the first step in the marketing funnel, by just making people aware of your business, or getting your name […]

5 Tools Every Salesperson Should Be Familiar With

We get it, sometimes it seems like you blink an eye and there is a new app out. However, that is not an excuse to allow yourself to get behind on technology. Let’s face it, technology isn’t going to wait for us to catch up, and eventually not knowing about popular business tools is going […]

Download Your 1st Degree Connections on LinkedIn

How many current connections do you have on LinkedIn? Are these people still crucial to the work that you are doing? Do you even know everyone in your network? LinkedIn makes it easy and convenient for us to see all of those connections in a spreadsheet so that you can take a look at your […]

How to Update Your Job Experience on LinkedIn When You Leave A Company

When an employee leaves their job, the last thing that they probably think about is updating their current role listed on their LinkedIn profile. If an employee forgets to end their current job experience with an employer and they are linked to the employer’s Company Page, they will still show up a current employee on the […]

How to Link Your Current Role with Your Company’s Page on LinkedIn

Inform Tip and Tutorials

Connecting your profile to your employer’s Company Page on LinkedIn is something people often struggle with doing. While this task can be very simple and straightforward enough for people to figure out on their own, you can be missing one very simple step that could be standing between you successfully listing your profile as an […]