Intero’s Spring Cleaning Agenda

It seems like our spring cleaning post might become an annual post. While the weather may not be consistently warm and sunny, it’s time to come out from the comfort of our homes and offices, look around and re-engage. Just the other day, I did a quick review of my 1st-degree connections in Baltimore and […]

The Dreaded Cover Letter

Writing cover letters can be really challenging. I have an interesting vantage point because I am often coaching job seekers, but I am also a Recruiter. I am amazed by the number of times my coaching clients ask about this one specific thing with such desperation and frustration. It is usually one of their first […]

Is Your Sales Process Stuck, Old, and Tired?

Stuck working in a sales position where you’re expected to make cold calls from your city’s business journal’s “Book of Lists”, purchased lists from a broker, association member roster or chamber? Notice the word “stuck.” It’s the operative word in the sentence. If your sales process has not evolved continually over the last few years, […]

Stop Networking and Actually Get to Know People

Speed networking has been off my radar for a while now. It’s just not enough anymore. The five to ten minutes of uber-high level pleasantries, quick questions focused on what you do, who you know and why you’re there just don’t cut it anymore. These quick conversations, usually positioned before or in between presentations, speakers, […]

What is Your 2021 LinkedIn Training Plan?

The 2nd quarter is coming to a close. What plan have you and your organization put into place to enable your team members to build their personal brands, advocate your company’s brand, and establish, nurture and leverage their individual networks for the greater good of promoting personal and company news, insight and value proposition? We […]

Finally, A Better Way to Master LinkedIn is Here

If you’re a CEO, business owner, senior leader, marketer, recruiter, or sales professional trying to manage how you and your employees look on LinkedIn and leverage that presence, then you’re going to want to check out “in:side, Your LinkedIn Mastery Program.” Well, in fact, this post is for everyone. Learning new skills is daunting. Keeping […]

Your Career is Waiting. Are you Prepared?

As graduation is upon us, we wanted to adapt a previous post and freshen it up a bit. The main points are timeless; the context is what needs some updating. If you’re a parent, share this with your kids. It’s probably everything you’ve said for the last ten or fifteen years. If you’re a student, […]

Coaches Help Catapult Your Results and Success

“I probably would not still be working this hard if it wasn’t for Sydney. Please let her know how much I appreciate her work.” I receive these types of follow-up messages quite frequently and am always grateful for our clients who take the time to share their appreciation and recognize a job well done. The […]

College Students: 3 Pain-Free Ways to Share on LinkedIn

Today we’re talking about curating, creating and sharing content on LinkedIn. Doing these things will make you stand out more in your network, resulting in more job opportunities for those looking for work, and business opportunities for those who are employed. Can you write? Can you write well? I’m not talking Pulitzer Prize writing here. […]

The Other 50% of Recruiting

I recently had a conversation with a close contact of mine that is considering entering the world of recruiting. I am so happy and excited for him and the opportunities that await. Recruiting can be enormously rewarding work. I’ve played a role (however small) in professionals finding their passion, escaping jobs where they were under […]