You Being Rogue on LinkedIn Yields LIttle to No Results

I have lots of conversations about the need for a process and our process in particular. Every one of our client conversations involves following particular steps to achieve a stronger LinkedIn presence, a strategic network, and increased visibility. A proven process, that series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end, delivers the […]

So, Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

We talk a lot about a person’s “why” at Intero. Each time we write a new profile or interview a new candidate, we are not only evaluating their skills, but seeking the heart of their work. What resonates more with you when you’re reading someone’s LinkedIn profile; the profile that reads like a resume or […]

Consider Your “Brand”

We’ve talked a lot about personal, professional and online brands over the years. Many people may think they’re different, but the reality today is that anyone who looks you up online is most likely going to see all of it. What are you putting out there? The following blog posts will help you to consider […]

LinkedIn vs. Facebook: What to do and Where

At least once a day as I am scrolling through my LinkedIn homepage, I come across a post that is better suited for Facebook or Instagram. As someone who teaches LinkedIn for a living, I can’t help but roll my eyes. There is a big difference between the two mediums and I always hear “well […]

LinkedIn Tips for College Graduates

Last weekend, my friends and I were sitting outside enjoying lunch when we saw a group of three newly graduated students from the local college walk past us. We said congratulations and asked if and what they had lined up in the “job world.” They all looked at each other and laughed a bit, saying […]

Are You Sure Your Content is Share-Worthy?

sharing content

Today, focus on only share-worthy content. In my last post, Your “Like” is Not So Inspiring, I focused on how a “Like” is just not enough anymore. My intent was to encourage, and perhaps, inspire a more strategic pursuit of content sharing to increase your visibility and personal brand Not everything we post is epic […]

Why You Need To Finally Get Your Personal Brand Online

December 4th, 2010, I lost my job. I was relieved and terrified at the same time. Who wouldn’t be? We were emerging from one of the worst recessions in history, at least contemporary times and everyone was pretty bruised from the previous couple of years. As I slogged through job descriptions, I found myself more […]

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Shouldn’t Be a Copy and Paste of Your Resume

We see this a lot— people get lazy, or they’re too “busy” to take the time to fill out their LinkedIn profile, so instead, they just copy and paste their resume and think it’s good enough. Well, I am here to tell you, it’s not good enough, and it actually could be impeding you from […]