Mindset Recap: Commitment and Visibility Set the Tone

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Over the course of the month of January, the Intero team focused on the topic of Mindset, creating content that allows professionals to get started and be intentional, committing to creating a strategy that is consistent, intentional, and goal-oriented.   Having a growth mindset is where it all begins on LinkedIn. Watch and listen to the recap from […]

How to Edit Your Public Profile on LinkedIn

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Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to edit your public profile on LinkedIn. This is where you control your profile’s appearance for people who aren’t currently signed into LinkedIn or aren’t in your network. Why is this important? The more public your profile, the higher opportunity […]

How to Change Your Profile Viewing Options on LinkedIn

profile viewing options LinkedIn

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to change your profile viewing options on LinkedIn, specifically whether or not you’re visible or viewing profiles in private mode. This setting determines what users will see when you have viewed their profile. If you are in private mode, […]

Showing Up is Just the Beginning— Mindset Sets the Tone

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Audio recording: Key takeaways: You can’t expect to build a professional community if you aren’t willing to jump in and be active. How you show up determines how others see you. Key Actions: Let’s get creative with LinkedIn and PLAY. Position yourself with a beginner’s mind Learn with intention Apply our It’s Business, Not Social™ […]

Giving Thanks is an Act Worth Repeating

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So often, disparate emotions and experiences co-exist; goodness and sadness; birth and death; confidence and fear; loss and gain. It’s how life rolls. No one is immune even when we retreat into the land of remote work, life, and play. As I write this and reflect on 2021, my family and I will most assuredly […]

Stay Consistent on LinkedIn to See Results

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Key Takeaways: 1. Having a LinkedIn strategy only helps so much if you don’t use it consistently. 2. Start small! LinkedIn can be overwhelming as there is so much to do and can be hard to stay motivated if you are not seeing immediate results. Taking 20 minutes a day to connect, engage and share […]

Lessons Learned from Socializing My New Puppy


July 19, 2021, was a summer day like any other in Baltimore; hot and pretty humid. From my office, I could hear all the kids at the community pool across the street. I love the sounds in our neighborhood and am especially drawn to and fond of the sounds of the kids playing and swimming […]

Golf vs. LinkedIn: The Similarities

golf vs. LinkedIn

In the spirit of warm weather, fresh-cut grass, fully booked tee times, and all of the PGA Tournament coverage, I have been thinking of the parallels between Golf and LinkedIn. While it is easy to draw parallels to Golf’s challenges with life and business, I think it is interesting to evaluate Golf and LinkedIn’s commonalities. […]

Do You Feel Like You’re Swimming Outside in the Cold?

It’s mid-November in Maryland. It’s chilly. Would you swim outside in the cold? I think, metaphorically, some of us feel like that’s exactly what we’re doing— and it’s not comfortable.  We live across the street from a neighborhood pool that is traditionally open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. When the pool closes every Labor […]

Managing Your Business Objectives for 2021

Reset. Refresh. Change of Scenery. This week, we are bringing you something a little different for our blog post. Sometimes we just need to reset our brains and surround ourselves with a new environment. 2020 has definitely made us rethink and reshape the way that we do business. In a mostly virtual environment, it’s more […]