Give Your Content the New Life it Needs

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Whether you have a limited number of original content articles, videos, or infographics, or a full library of resources, at one point or another everyone feels they’re a bit thin on fresh content. Creating great content is among the most difficult marketing activities in anyone’s marketing plan. In a recent training session with a group […]

The Competitor You Need to Watch

Are you someone who pays close attention to your competitors and follows what they do? Or, do you set your own course and not pay much attention to your competition? There are pros and cons to each strategy and perhaps the best strategy is taking the lead, setting your strategy and keeping a sharp, but […]

Turn One Piece of Content into Multiple Posts

Turning one piece of content into 14 posts is much easier than looking for, reading and sharing 14 different pieces of content. Most people are not maximizing content posting and sharing because they either don’t create original content and aren’t comfortable with how to position someone else’s content. The intent behind posting and sharing content […]

LinkedIn Company Page: New Ways to Stand Out

LInkedIn Company Pages

This post is to encourage you to get ready for LinkedIn’s newly designed LinkedIn Company Pages. Rethink, re-write, and re-focus your LinkedIn Company Page, so it conveys the message and brand you’ve spent a whole lot of time, money and energy building. The time is coming when your leadership team may not be able to […]

Reinvent Yourself – 37 Ways for Marketing Professionals to Stay Marketable

  When this post was originally published in September 2013, we received such a great response. Since then, it has been shared and referenced over and over again. For those that haven’t read it yet, we’d thought we’d share it again; great for marketing & business development professionals and those that are trying to build […]

5 Ways to “Sell” and Win Trust Through Email

    Controversy Emergency I apologize Final Notice of Termination It’s Over These are just some of the subject lines we received in our individual inboxes between April 4th and May 19th. In fact, when I searched my Inbox, I counted ten emails from the same person/business attempting to sell their online course. Woah! Seriously? […]

How to Use LinkedIn Search

The LinkedIn Search field is an excellent tool. Not only does it provide a way for you to easily navigate through your various LinkedIn pages, tabs and features, it can also open you up to a whole new world of information, resources and profiles on LinkedIn! Because there are so many options and possibilities, we […]

Boost Your LinkedIn Presence Through Networking

Always be Closing. Boost your LinkedIn presence. Are you doing both? Every sales professional has had that line drilled into them from every sales manager, “boss” or sales training session they’ve attended.   Selling has changed. In a networked world, it’s best to “always be networking.” ABN doesn’t have the same ring as ABC, but […]

15 Ways to Prepare for the Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition

Already, just days after the announcement of Microsoft buying LinkedIn, much has been written about this acquisition. Analysts, social media bloggers, LinkedIn enthusiasts and social selling experts have shared their varied opinions and hopeful enthusiasm. In short, the more I think about it and understand it, the more I consider it a smart move. LinkedIn, […]

How a CFO Rocks LinkedIn

Note: This post is intended for anyone who is interested in growing revenue. Yes, this means you. In a social world, everyone is in business development. What if you are not in sales? When I published Your 12-Month Social Sales Plan, I definitely had salespeople in mind but not exclusively. Everyone who talks with others, […]