Be in the Know, All the Time, with LinkedIn

During a recent workshop, it became apparent that the CEO was becoming agitated. During the break, I asked him if everything was okay. He shared that he was embarrassed that his company looked so “anemic” on LinkedIn when he knew it was the one channel their clients paid attention to. He mentioned that he personally […]

The Seven Lies People Tell Themselves

My best days are spent working with and talking to clients. Each conversation inspires me to think about our clients, their businesses and the whole idea of personal brand and marketing. Today’s post is no exception. Our clients are located throughout the United States, and we don’t often meet with them in person. So, when […]

Are You Sure Your Customers Are On Facebook?

When online, where do your customers/clients/prospects spend time? What’s their platform of choice? Have you asked them? If not, please do. In two separate conversations this week, two companies shared with me that their marketing agencies focused their marketing strategies on Facebook, not LinkedIn. When I asked why, the only answer they could come up […]

At 15, LinkedIn is a Powerful Tool

LinkedIn is 15 years old

Did you know that LinkedIn launched in 2003? Yes, that’s right. Come fall, LinkedIn is 15 years old. LinkedIn is not new, novel or a fad. It is well established with more than half a billion members and will continue to grow as part of Microsoft and their family of 1.2 billion Outlook users. If you […]

Is LinkedIn Boring You?

Confession: Sometimes I get bored with LinkedIn. Of course I think LinkedIn is a great tool, and of course I use it everyday for a number of professional needs. But to be honest, sometimes it bores me. My home page, my Groups, my messages; it all feels stagnant periodically. And I’m sure I’m not alone. […]

Popular or Successful; You Decide

I hope sometime soon the word “social” drops off the front end of media and networking. Content and digital channels get the credit they deserve, especially for those who intentionally understand, use, and engage with others who do the same. I have heard that LinkedIn has dropped the term “social selling.” Not sure if that […]

A LinkedIn Plan that Places You In Front of the Right People

12-Month Social Selling Plan 1st level Connections

With everyone getting back into the Fall groove, I thought I would share an oldie but goodie focused on getting your LinkedIn house in order. Welcome to our latest 12-Month LinkedIn Social Selling Plan update. More than 11,000 people have viewed, downloaded and hopefully, read and implemented our original 12-Month Social Selling Plan post from […]

How to Leverage Your Talent Brand and Hire More Effectively

From Employer Brand to Talent Brand: “We need to hire someone for that position, today.” End of meeting. With that statement dancing in the air, the CEO abruptly leaves your office and heads to another meeting. You already knew you needed to fill that position. You knew that yesterday. Your struggle? Finding the right people […]

How to Develop Your Employer Brand

be an employer of choice

In a recent conversation with a new human resources vice president, I listened as they explained their struggles to craft their employer branding message. They are a mature company with a stable history, exceptional products, excellent service and a forward-thinking leadership team. They even have positive comments and a favorable CEO score on Glassdoor. One […]

How to Evaluate How Candidates View You

Finding the talent you need to move your business forward is not equal across U.S. cities. As a CEO or business owner, you need to know how easy or difficult it will be to find people with the skills you need. Very often our clients will ask us to help them find the “perfect” candidate, […]