A Guide to the Most Important B2B Marketing Terms and Their Definitions

B2B Marketing Terms for small to mid-sized businesses.

B2B marketing is a broad area and depending on the size of the organization – some terms may know and used whiles others aren’t. Presuming we all mean the same thing when we toss around marketing terms can be problematic. Worse, it can alter expectations, muddy how results are viewed and judged, and undermine the […]

Attracting Better Opportunities through a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Full-funnel marketing strategy.

A full-funnel marketing strategy is an approach to marketing that focuses on moving potential customers through the various stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion. The goal is to ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers by providing them with relevant and valuable information and experiences throughout their journey. Too often […]

Create a Better LinkedIn Company Page and Start Marketing Confidently

marketing LinkedIn

“What’s the point of a LinkedIn company Page?” “It doesn’t really do anything.” “My marketing agency told us we need to run ad campaigns, but it seems so expensive and complicated.” “What’s the best campaign to run? How much do I need to spend?” These are common questions and comments from leaders, marketers, and recruiters.  […]

The Difference Between Paid Ads vs. Organic Content on LinkedIn

ads linkedin

Have you seen this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows how to spot the difference between an organic ad and a paid ad in the newsfeed. Organic posts are more likely to appear in the feed of people you are connected with and follow you. A paid ad, however, enables companies […]

5 Things to Focus on Before Running Paid Advertising on LinkedIn

paid advertising linkedin

Advertising on LinkedIn is very effective. Many companies from different industries and sizes have had great success using all of the dynamic paid advertising options. As LinkedIn’s advertising marketing messaging says, “do business where business gets done.” Your target audience most likely is on LinkedIn. However, we believe not everyone is ready or should be […]

Employee Advocacy: Out with Elevate, In with My Company Tab

employee advocacy my company tab

LinkedIn has removed its Elevate platform and has now rolled out a broader version— the My Company tab on your Company Page. If your organization was an avid Elevate user, fear not! The core functionality of Elevate will remain, and you will be able to continue to build employee advocacy on LinkedIn.  If you are […]

Want to Increase Your Sales Results? Start a Conversation

I’m a reader. So, I like a great post featuring well written, informative insight. Here’s an example of a post that appeared on my LinkedIn feed this morning, 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became the CEO of the Predictive Index. Good article, right? Predictive Index is a company I know. In […]

6 Tips for B2B Content Marketing During Coronavirus

Covid19 content

Did you catch our webinar on Getting Your Content Right with Yvonne Lyons from Right Source Marketing? If not, it’s right below! There isn’t a better content pro than Yvonne, period. Over the years, she has been my client, a colleague when content was called custom publishing, and most importantly, a great friend. While we […]

Recommendations for Ways to Show You Care

Keep it simple

Is there anything that hasn’t been said about Covid-19? In many of the conversations I’ve had over the last few days, one of the most genuine and thoughtful comments was, “I find it hard to be strategic when it’s so chaotic.” Matt Culloty So true, Matt Culloty. I am sure that is how most of […]

Sharing Content on LinkedIn

What’s all the fuss about content anyway? Plain and simple – if you want to add value to your network, you should be sharing, and maybe even writing your own, content. Check out these blog posts to understand more about the “how” and “what” of content sharing. Are You Sure Your Conent is Share-Worthy? Give […]