The LinkedIn Groups App

posted on November 19th, 2015 by Charlotte Meredith in Career,Development,General,LinkedIn Tools | Apps,Quick Tips with 0 Comments

    Listen along if you don’t have time to read today’s post: A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn introduced its new Groups app. Why does this app function separately from the main app? It makes for faster conversations within Groups and better accessibility to like-minded people outside of your Connections. Think of it […]

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LinkedIn Apps Keep you Connected, Part 2

  Listen to this week’s post by clicking on the link below: Timing is everything. Between my post last week,  LinkedIn Apps Keep You Connected, Part 1 and today’s Part 2, LinkedIn has announced some “app news”. The Wall St. Journal reported last week that LinkedIn is testing two new apps, Groups and LinkedIn […]

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LinkedIn Apps Keep You Connected, Part 1

posted on October 6th, 2015 by Colleen McKenna in General,LinkedIn Tools | Apps with 0 Comments

Multi-tasking today? You can now listen to our blog posts when you don’t have time to read: Everyone loves a great app, right? We often ask for app recommendations and share the apps that make our online experience (and sometimes even our life) just a bit easier to manage. LinkedIn’s app comes up in so […]

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