Why You Need to Always be Sourcing Talent

posted on January 17th, 2017 by Colleen McKenna in CEOs,Leadership,Recruiting | Hiring,Sales,Strategy with 0 Comments

At least once a month, I have the opportunity to spend three hours with CEOs talking about LinkedIn. I respect their insight, feedback, and questions. In a recent group, one CEO expressed his frustration with having two salespeople poached and his displeasure with LinkedIn. I’m not sure if my answer satisfied him, but I, and […]

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If You Had to be One Word, What Would it Be?

posted on December 13th, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in Career,CEOs,General,Job Seekers,Leadership,Professional Development,Strategy with 0 Comments

Have you ever had a three-minute conversation with someone that you don’t see often that just stays with you? And for days, you are reminded of that conversation, because you realize that it’s because you are supposed to do something with that conversation? The question is, do you? Do I? I had that conversation a […]

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LinkedIn Company Page: New Ways to Stand Out

posted on September 13th, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in CEOs,Leadership,Marketing with 0 Comments

This post is to encourage you to get ready for LinkedIn’s newly designed LinkedIn Company Pages. Rethink, re-write, and re-focus your LinkedIn Company Page, so it conveys the message and brand you’ve spent a whole lot of time, money and energy building. The time is coming when your leadership team may not be able to […]

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Are You Really a Good Networker?

posted on June 28th, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in General,Leadership,Professional Development,Social Selling,Your Network with 0 Comments

What does it mean to be a connector or networker? A connector links two or more things together. In networking, those two “things” are people. As a result, something else occurs—a good conversation, a new relationship, job, business partnership, etc. Many of us view ourselves as connectors; uber-networkers who open up their networks to others. […]

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Building a Recruiting Infrastructure

posted on May 31st, 2016 by Erin Miller in Leadership,LinkedIn Tools | Apps,Recruiting | Hiring,Strategy with 0 Comments

I’ve written a couple of posts on how companies can best engage with recruiters. There is a lot to consider when you’re bringing in an external consultant to complete the significant task of building your team. I recently had a conversation with a client where we discussed the importance of having recruiting “infrastructure.” I made […]

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Women — Yes, Your Digital Brand Matters + Quick Survey

posted on April 19th, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in Branding,Career,CEOs,General,Job Seekers,Leadership,Profile Development with 0 Comments

Your digital brand matters more than ever. A favorite 2015 post, Women Your Brand Matters, detailed how women need to rethink their image and consider themselves in light of their career, expertise and future livelihood. As the Wall Street Journal’s Nandini D’Souza Wolfe writes in her article, The New Look of Work, “The mind-set is simple and […]

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CEOs, Consultants and Differentiating with Original Content

posted on April 12th, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in Branding,CEOs,Leadership,Publishing with 0 Comments

As more and more CEOs and Consultants become comfortable with their own thought leadership style and the ability to reach more people than ever, LinkedIn should be a definite channel for them to share their insight, expertise and wisdom. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is one of my favorite features when members use it correctly. I like […]

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11 New Tips for Publishing Original Content on LinkedIn

posted on March 22nd, 2016 by Colleen McKenna in Branding,General,Leadership,Publishing,Social Selling,Strategy with 1 Comment

  As I was writing this post, I noticed that LinkedIn has finally updated (corrected?) how they label original content on LinkedIn. Finally. You will notice how it appeared up until recently,  if you check out my previous post on publishing original content. What could be more important to your personal brand than what you […]

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How a CFO Rocks LinkedIn

posted on March 15th, 2016 by Erin Miller in CEOs,General,Leadership,LinkedIn Tools | Apps,Marketing,Social Selling,Strategy with 0 Comments

Note: This post is intended for anyone who is interested in growing revenue. Yes, this means you. In a social world, everyone is in business development. What if you are not in sales? When I published Your 12-Month Social Sales Plan, I definitely had salespeople in mind but not exclusively. Everyone who talks with others, […]

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