Features on the LinkedIn Jobs Tab You Need to Know

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Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to utilize the Jobs tab on LinkedIn, highlighting three key features to be aware of, and how you can leverage them if you are currently job seeking, or are passively looking for new opportunities. The first feature to be aware of is […]

10 Tips to Enhance Your Resume and Attract Hiring Managers

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Are you currently looking for a new opportunity or want to spruce up your resume if the right position comes along? Your resume may not only be out of date but look out of date too. So often, the professionals that we do resume updates for need reformatting and some new keywords woven in. Their […]

How to Add Job Preferences to Your LinkedIn Profile

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Did you see this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to add or change your job preferences on your LinkedIn profile. This feature allows you to choose job titles, locations, and whether or not you’re actively looking for a job or just open to an opportunity so that recruiters or all LinkedIn members are […]

How to Edit Your Job Seeking Preferences on LinkedIn

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Did you see this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s walkthrough on YouTube focused on managing your job-seeking preferences on LinkedIn. If you’re currently using LinkedIn to find a new job or may use LinkedIn to find a job in the future, read this tutorial breakdown to learn how to edit your job-seeking preferences on LinkedIn to best align with […]

Job Seekers: Here are 5 Tips on How to Utilize LinkedIn Jobs

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Searching for jobs can be incredibly overwhelming. You can apply for hundreds of jobs with little to no investment in the time that you dedicated. While you may feel helpless and want to give up, it’s important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you just have to simplify […]

What I Learned as a Young Professional During a Pandemic

As I reflect on 2020, both the ups and downs, I realize not only how much I have endured in the past year, but also how much I have grown. I also understand that so many young professionals have experienced the same trials that have made us rethink our purpose and path, and even five-year […]

It’s Your Time to Learn; Re-invent, Re-skill and Remain Relevant

I first wrote, Reinvent Yourself – 37 Ways for Marketing Professionals to Stay Marketable, 2013, updated it in 2016, and now,  it only seems fitting to bring it back again.  I hate it when people lose their jobs. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear of someone losing their job. My first thought […]

Add Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

In this brief video, I share the importance of having an updated resume on your LinkedIn Profile. This will showcase you whether you are looking for an opportunity or just want to be prepared. You may propel yourself forward and stand out, that’s the desired outcome. You can do this! Check out our other blog […]

So, Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

We talk a lot about a person’s “why” at Intero. Each time we write a new profile or interview a new candidate, we are not only evaluating their skills, but seeking the heart of their work. What resonates more with you when you’re reading someone’s LinkedIn profile; the profile that reads like a resume or […]