A Goodbye to Intero

Sarah Bentley

A lot fell into place when I first spoke on the phone with Colleen, a month out of college with no real idea of what I wanted to do. I searched for jobs in the fashion industry, but with no real network built, and not a lot of experience, I figured that wasn’t the path […]

On the Field to In the Office

I have been an athlete my entire life; my childhood was running from one game or practice to the next, and with two older sisters also playing sports, it is safe to say I spent a decent amount of my life on a field somewhere. Although I played a sport every season from the time […]

What it’s like Working at a Small Company

When I was college searching, my mom would always say to me, “do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?” I thought about that question and ultimately chose Washington College, a small liberal arts school tucked away on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. There, I […]

Intero’s Spring Cleaning Agenda

It seems like our spring cleaning post might become an annual post. While the weather may not be consistently warm and sunny, it’s time to come out from the comfort of our homes and offices, look around and re-engage. Just the other day, I did a quick review of my 1st-degree connections in Baltimore and […]

Holiday Musings and A Thank You

Gasp. It’s been a wild year. You know the kind, maybe yours was like that too. Over the years, my go-to line has been, “The years go by quickly, it’s the days that are endless.” The days of raising children, working, volunteering, and living fills our days beyond measure. Pressed for time, energy and inspiration, […]

A Thanksgiving Message from Intero Advisory

Did you know that beyond the United States and Canada other countries also celebrate Thanksgiving? I didn’t. Curious, I searched and learned that beyond the States and Canada, the external territory of Norfolk in Australia, Grenada, Liberia, the Netherlands, the Phillippines, and St. Lucia also celebrate Thanksgiving. Germany and Japan celebrate a similarly named festival […]

Meet Colleen: The Principal of Intero Advisory

Over the last few weeks, you’ve had the chance to get to know our team. Knowing something about others sparks conversation and creates a human connection. We are more than LinkedIn profiles; we are people curious and interested in building bridges and meaning. When Intero Advisory launched in January 2011, I wasn’t thinking about employees […]

Meet Erin: Our Talent Finder

Meet Erin! Some opportunities slowly reveal themselves over time and after many conversations. Others pop up, feel totally meant to be, and you know you have to grab it. That’s what happened nearly 5 years ago when Erin visited Intero’s office for coffee, and a chat and Colleen said, “What if we started offering recruiting […]

Meet Sydney: Our Lead Generation Specialist

Meet Sydney! After two years in the market research industry, Sydney joined Intero in January of 2016 when Colleen needed someone she knew well and wouldn’t have to train too much to fill an important role when Colleen’s youngest daughter, Liza, who is also Sydney’s youngest sister, was a week shy of undergoing surgery to […]

Meet Charlotte: Our Lead Generation Specialist

Meet Charlotte! Charlotte graduated from Towson University in 2017 with a degree in History. History and Intero Advisory may sound like polar opposites, but Charlotte has always been intrigued by people and their actions. This can be directly correlated with looking at profiles on LinkedIn and observing the bizarre and wonderful things people put on […]