Reporting Up- A Necessary Practice

As we are a small company, we all have a part in the process for the majority of our client engagements. Due to the nature of our process and our small team, client projects often are touched by many of our team. It’s imperative for us to have a detailed process and reporting methods in […]

Your Sales Navigator Inbox Now Plays a Critical Role

Do you have Sales Navigator? Do you prospect and send connection requests through the platform? If so, you may have noticed that previously, all connection request acceptances have been reflected in your LinkedIn messaging center, but not anymore. With your Sales Navigator subscription comes the ability to send InMails. When you send InMails using your […]

Tips for Graduates I Wish Someone Shared with Me

As I think about where I was a year ago, freshly graduated and exploring my options, I can’t help but remember how stressful that last few months of college are. You are supposed to be enjoying the last couple of months, hanging out with friends that you may never live in walking distance to again, […]

LinkedIn Tips for College Graduates

Last weekend, my friends and I were sitting outside enjoying lunch when we saw a group of three newly graduated students from the local college walk past us. We said congratulations and asked if and what they had lined up in the “job world.” They all looked at each other and laughed a bit, saying […]

LinkedIn App vs. Desktop: Which Should You Be Using?

Spending all day on LinkedIn, I am usually on my laptop, so I am remiss to say that I was not as familiar with the LinkedIn app until I recently started to explore it a little. I was pleased and surprised to find there are so many added features that are not available on the […]

Get and Reclaim Your Inbox

I’ve unsubscribed from more than 557 email lists in the first three months of the year and have “rolled up” 332. Many of those I subscribed to over the years and I’ve decided enough is enough. I know the challenge of this too since we use email as a way to stay in touch, educate […]

Intero’s Spring Cleaning Agenda

It seems like our spring cleaning post might become an annual post. While the weather may not be consistently warm and sunny, it’s time to come out from the comfort of our homes and offices, look around and re-engage. Just the other day, I did a quick review of my 1st-degree connections in Baltimore and […]

Why You Need to be Paying More Attention to Detail

I had no idea that being detail-oriented was such an important personality trait until I got to Intero, but it turns out I had been applying it way before I knew I even had it. Having an internship in the fashion industry, I helped out with e-commerce photoshoots, and one of my main responsibilities while […]

The Most Important 2000 Characters on Your LinkedIn Profile

Billboard, bio or book. This pretty much sums up the three types of LinkedIn Summary sections we typically see. Each, while they may make sense to the person who writes and posts it, may not make sense to someone who is skimming, reviewing, or reading the profile. More than 70% of LinkedIn profiles are now […]

The Challenge of Having a Growth Mindset

After playing volleyball for 13 years, I found myself yearning for a way for me to give back all of my knowledge and happiness the sport gave me. I took the next step in October 2018 and decided to coach club volleyball. There were many adjustments at first, especially with the way that I saw […]