Endorse Skills for Your Connections on LinkedIn

 You can now endorse skills on LinkedIn for your key connections. It’s a great way to give a quick endorsement validating a colleague, client, prospect’s top skills. It’s a bit like a review. If you endorse someone’s skill your photo will appear on their profile, good awareness for you too. And, you can endorse multiple […]

LinkedIn—Five Ways To Manage The Overwhelming

No doubt social media is challenging. It’s challenging for those who do it for a living. It’s continually morphing, reinventing itself to keep people coming back and to add more features and levels of interaction.

So how do you suddenly learn how to use LinkedIn now that your CEO, VP or manager has decided you should? Or worse, now that you need a new job? How do you begin and do it correctly?

Five Reasons Why the C-Suite Needs To Finish Their LinkedIn Profiles

The other day during a LinkedIn workshop someone asked if CEOs were using LinkedIn. He mentioned that he thought a lot of CEOs had incomplete and less than stellar profiles. He made a great point, one I completely agree. There are a lot of poor profiles on LinkedIn and many of them are owners, CEOs, […]

Create A Solid Sales Strategy With or Without A Sales Manager

If you have read any of my blog posts you know I talk with salespeople everyday and I hear about what is working and what is not. I talk with business owners and CEOs who say their salespeople are struggling and can’t seem to get out of the slump. So what is it I hear […]

What’s The Value of Your LinkedIn Network?

What’s the value of your network? Does yours have a strong heartbeat or is flatlining? Do you reach out and talk to people, initiate conversation and interest? I hear lots of conversations around this and wonder how we can really look at our online LinkedIn communities and see who is there, what they have in common, and […]

Think Carefully About Those Posts

Every young professional, college student and teenager I know understands, for the most part, the lasting impression of social media indiscretion, of posting the party highlights. They have at least heard that college and universities and employers are checking them out online and most of them at least try to manage the collateral damage. How? At […]

Learning LinkedIn At 19 or 73

I hosted a LinkedIn Lunch and Learn the other day where the audience was filled with a wide range of professionals who understand and use LinkedIn for business development. Perhaps most interesting though was that there were college students, young professionals and rebooters [my friend Phil Burgess has coined that term for those individuals that have re-invented […]

How Do You Look on LinkedIn?

I hear a lot people talking about their profiles, most people say their profile is not updated, they created it a while ago and pay little attention to it. I get that. I suggest taking a few minutes and going back in for another look. LinkedIn is here to stay and people all over the world […]