Why Should You Rethink Taking That Annual Subscription Discount?

annual subscription

Companies should continuously test new technologies to enhance their workflows and teams. When you find a tool you like, hitting that annual subscription button when your free trial ends can be tempting. Opting for monthly payments rather than upfront annual subscriptions is the smarter way to go.  The mass adoption or interest in Artificial Intelligence […]

Recruiting Recap : Improve + Innovate Your Recruiting + Retention Initiatives

recruiting recap LinkedIn

Throughout the month of June, the Intero team focused on the topic of Recruiting, and how companies are currently failing to set their recruiting and retention processes up for success. In the content that we have shared throughout the past few weeks, including our strategy blog, quick tips, video walkthroughs, and podcast episodes, we have covered metrics […]

Employee Advocacy Recap: Encourage Employees to Stand Out

employee advocacy recap

Throughout the month of April, the Intero team created content focusing on the topic of employee advocacy and covered new features on LinkedIn that are changing the user experience. The way organizations and their people show up on LinkedIn is a direct representation of the culture of the company, and it’s an opportunity for companies […]

Do I Have Control of My Employee’s LinkedIn Activity?

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The question of whether or not you have control over what your employees do with their LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms is one the Intero Advisory team answers almost weekly. When a company is making specific investments into business outcomes stemming from LinkedIn, they want to ensure success.  The short answer— you do […]

2020: A Year of Grit, Dedication, and Achievements

2020 has been a year filled with remarkable, unforgettable stories of loss and triumph. As I reflect on the year, I remind myself to think about what I accomplished. Then, I consider what we have achieved as a team. The grit and dedication humble me. It’s easy to forget the positives, the accomplishments. Some days […]

How to Maximize Your Coaching and Training Success for 2021

2020 took us all by surprise in so many ways. While I know it will be different, I’m ready for 2021 and the opportunities that I’m certain will be revealed. I understand many people may not feel optimistic.  We’ve taken on unfamiliar challenges, and careers have gone awry.  I have reflected, discussed, and opined on […]

Why I Use Grammarly


Whether communicated in 140 characters or thousands of words, the written word creates and leaves an impression. I write a lot. I’m sure you do too. From emails, proposals, to blog posts, I’m a typing fiend, but I’m not sure I would consider myself a writer. Everything I write, including my emails, is edited. My […]

Add a LinkedIn Company Page Follow Button to Your Website

Add a LinkedIn Company Page Follow Button to your website

Getting people to follow your company page can be hard. Unlike your profile page where you can request connections, you can’t request people to follow your page. So, you have to make it really easy for someone to follow you. LinkedIn Follow Button for Company Page Placement One great way to do that is to […]

Two Easy Recommendations for Better Outreach on LinkedIn

two LinkedIn tips

I’m trying out a new tool called Soapbox from Wistia.This is THE time to try new tools and ideas. Thanks, Teri Kinsella for the recommendation! Give something new a whirl this week and let me know how it goes. Also, would like to know if you like this format, email me and let me know, […]

Being a First-Timer Means It’s Okay to be Just Okay

Did you watch the 60 Minutes episode with Brené Brown? If not, please do.  Then download her new podcast, Unlocking Us and listen carefully. Process and consider her ideas and suggestions for a more meaningful understanding of FFT/TFT. This morning as I walked the dog, I spent 38 minutes awesome moments comforted, awed and refreshed […]