Pending Connection Requests – What is the Deal?

We send a lot of connection requests on behalf of our clients for prospecting. When sending requests, we track connection request acceptance (CRA) rates for a few reasons — to make sure they do not have too many pending connection requests on LinkedIn, to make sure they fall within our average and if they don’t […]

Reporting Up- A Necessary Practice

As we are a small company, we all have a part in the process for the majority of our client engagements. Due to the nature of our process and our small team, client projects often are touched by many of our team. It’s imperative for us to have a detailed process and reporting methods in […]

LinkedIn ProFinder- A Review

In 2016, LinkedIn launched a platform called ProFinder. The goal is to match companies with skilled and vetted freelancers. Companies submit a request for a proposal, freelancers are matched to projects based upon the experience listed on their profile, and are then able to respond and submit a proposal. Currently ProFinder is available nationwide, however, […]

6 Scary Features of Sales Navigator

Happy Halloween! We’re back to share some of the scariest features and things we’ve seen on Sales Navigator. Spending the majority of our days in Sales Navigator, oh boy, have we seen some things! From crazy search results to even crazier profile pictures, we may have seen it all. Sydney One of the more frustrating […]

6 Favorite Sales Navigator Features From Our Lead Generation Specialists

Oh, Sales Navigator. It’s a love/hate relationship. Between myself (Sydney) and my colleagues, Charlotte and Liza, we spend roughly 90 hours a week in Sales Navigator. We’ve used Sales Navigator since it’s early days, so we’ve seen each iteration to what is now the current Sales Navigator. It has definitely come a long way, however, […]

How to Find and Land High-Performers

In my last post on How Best to Recruit on LinkedIn, I focused on how difficult it is to find great talent. As I watched the final game of the 2018 NCAA Lacrosse game between Duke and Yale, it occurred to me that recruiters may want to dig in and do some scouting within the […]

Where Are You Located?

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Hello there! Where are you located? In assisting our clients with recruiting and prospecting efforts, we often notice the location on a personal profile differs from the location listed on their company’s LinkedIn Company Page. This can be confusing for someone who is searching you, or professionals like you, to network or communicate upcoming opportunities. […]

Where Is My Message?

Clients using and Sales Navigator frequently ask “Where did my message go? I sent a message to one of my connections but I don’t know where the response is.” So let’s break it down because it can be confusing. Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s stand-alone product… which means it has its own message center, just like […]

Are You Reaching as Many People as You Can When Posting or Sharing Content?

Do you know just how many people your posts and updates are reaching? LinkedIn has updated sharing Public posts to extend the reach of your shared content – if your settings are set correctly. Up until July 2017, if you shared a Post to Public it was only visible to anyone signed into their LinkedIn account. […]

Update to Active Status

It seems in the three weeks since I wrote my quick tip on Active Status, one of LinkedIn’s newest features, they made an update to the Active Status feature. If you aren’t familiar with the Active Status feature, check out my original post. Here’s what I’ve noticed. If the active status notification is a green […]