Nurture Your Network and See Doors Open

Nurturing our network is something we all know we SHOULD do, but we often find  ourselves not carving out the time to do so. Now, with all of the changes happening around us, it is important to find that time and see what is new with some of your connections.  Changes in the way people […]

Merging Multiple LinkedIn Pages

There may be a number of reasons that you have multiple company pages. Whether you created a company page back before you were intentionally using LinkedIn, or you have multiple pages that are related to one organization and you want to move it all under one name, having one page eliminates confusion among users and […]

Quick Tip: Add Your Name Pronunciation on LinkedIn

Do you have a name that often gets mispronounced? Or, do you ever see someone’s name that you are about to have a conversation with and immediately panic because you don’t even have the slightest clue how to pronounce it? Names are hard, but mispronouncing a potential client or lead’s name is a sure way […]

A Goodbye to Intero

Sarah Bentley

A lot fell into place when I first spoke on the phone with Colleen, a month out of college with no real idea of what I wanted to do. I searched for jobs in the fashion industry, but with no real network built, and not a lot of experience, I figured that wasn’t the path […]

What the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Taught Me About the Value of Teamwork

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team proved once again that they earned every right to be recognized by claiming their 4th World Cup.   Previously a student-athlete, and now a coach myself, I recognize how hard it can be to mesh together talent. You can have the best possible people on your team, and it can be […]

Your First Job won’t be Your Dream Job, and that’s OK

Coming out of college and finding a job can be hard, especially when in the last few years you have been filled with dreams and aspirations about working in the industry of your dreams, or at a company you have admired for years. But, no one tells you how hard landing that job may be. […]

Sales Navigator Update: Excluding Locations in Advanced Search

We are releasing this special quick tip so that you are in-the-know about all of the updates in Sales Navigator. I know, it seems like LinkedIn has been putting a major focus on updating Sales Navigator lately! Their newest update is the ability to exclude geographic locations in a search. Our team is really excited […]

LinkedIn App vs. Desktop: Which Should You Be Using?

Spending all day on LinkedIn, I am usually on my laptop, so I am remiss to say that I was not as familiar with the LinkedIn app until I recently started to explore it a little. I was pleased and surprised to find there are so many added features that are not available on the […]

Why You Need to be Paying More Attention to Detail

I had no idea that being detail-oriented was such an important personality trait until I got to Intero, but it turns out I had been applying it way before I knew I even had it. Having an internship in the fashion industry, I helped out with e-commerce photoshoots, and one of my main responsibilities while […]