Why Should You Rethink Taking That Annual Subscription Discount?

annual subscription

Companies should continuously test new technologies to enhance their workflows and teams. When you find a tool you like, hitting that annual subscription button when your free trial ends can be tempting. Opting for monthly payments rather than upfront annual subscriptions is the smarter way to go.  The mass adoption or interest in Artificial Intelligence […]

Three Reasons Sales Navigator is the Most Versatile LinkedIn Product

sales navigator

Did you catch our latest video walkthrough? In this week’s walkthrough on YouTube, Jim covers three main reasons why Sales Navigator is the most versatile LinkedIn product— dynamic data, usable across all lines of business, and the ability to streamline within the platform. The first reason why Sales Navigator is the most versatile is the […]

Are You Paying for the Right Paid Products on LinkedIn?

paid products LinkedIn

Did you see this week’s video walkthrough? In our latest walkthrough on YouTube, Jim covers the common questions and misconceptions users have when purchasing paid products on LinkedIn, including LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Marketing Solutions, and LinkedIn Recruiter. We see many individuals and companies paying for premium products and LinkedIn Ads without truly knowing […]

Strengthen Your Organization on LinkedIn and Improve Your Business Positioning

business positioning linkedin

No matter the current business and economic environment, creating new marketing campaigns, working toward and exceeding quotas, finding talent, developing your, nurturing and developing existing relationships still need to happen. You must continue adapting, innovating, and separating your business from your peers.  With economic uncertainty in the news cycle and business owner confidence at 10-year […]

How to Choose if You Want to See Less Political Content in Your LinkedIn Feed

political content LinkedIn

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough? This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to choose if you want to see less political content in your LinkedIn feed. This new feature, rolled out to only members in the U.S., enables users to customize their feed by using the feed control menu and indicating they would […]

5 Things to Focus on Before Running Paid Advertising on LinkedIn

paid advertising linkedin

Advertising on LinkedIn is very effective. Many companies from different industries and sizes have had great success using all of the dynamic paid advertising options. As LinkedIn’s advertising marketing messaging says, “do business where business gets done.” Your target audience most likely is on LinkedIn. However, we believe not everyone is ready or should be […]

Do I Have Control of My Employee’s LinkedIn Activity?

employee's LinkedIn

The question of whether or not you have control over what your employees do with their LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms is one the Intero Advisory team answers almost weekly. When a company is making specific investments into business outcomes stemming from LinkedIn, they want to ensure success.  The short answer— you do […]

Reevaluate Training and Development Budgets for Accelerated Learning

training and development

Training and development are critical for success in your career or as a contributing member of your company. Therefore, it makes sense that companies spend ~100B annually on investments in employee training. According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, this investment number will climb higher. I have been the beneficiary of working for two companies […]

How to Increase Response Rates on LinkedIn

response rates LinkedIn

Key Takeaways: 1. Shortcuts and hacks will not work to increase the effectiveness of messaging on LinkedIn. 2. LinkedIn’s data and findings are important but you need to test for your specific use case. 3. The downward trend in response rates on LinkedIn is an area of opportunity for you and your business. The title […]

New LinkedIn Recruiter Feature: Candidate Insights

LinkedIn recruiter candidate insights

LinkedIn is synonymous with attracting talent and searching for a new role. However, we will be the first to tell you all the other ways to use LinkedIn. The platform has helped so many with sales, branding, thought leadership, professional development, and networking, to name a few. With all of these focus areas, LinkedIn is still […]