How to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Last week, we showed you how to Recommend someone on LinkedIn. Did you know you can also request a Recommendation from a Connection on LinkedIn? Here’s how. #1 Go to the Profile of the person who you’d like to be Recommended by. In the top section of their profile, click on the 3 dots icon. […]

How to Recommend Someone on LinkedIn

To recommend someone on LinkedIn, follow these steps: #1 Go to their LinkedIn profile and click on the 3 dots in the right corner. In the dropdown menu, choose Recommend. #2 Choose how you know this person and your position at the time. #3 Write your recommendation and remember to be specific. When you are […]

Working with Recruiters: 3 More Tips for Companies

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

SS: This post was originally published in April 2015 by Erin Miller. This post received such a great response and since then, it has been shared and referenced over and over again. We’d thought we’d share it again for those who haven’t read it yet. These three tips are still extremely relevant and essential for […]

I’m Not Going to Hunt You Down

There’s an interesting thing that happens in recruiting. It’s something that I’ve experienced firsthand, but has also recently come up in conversation with two fellow recruiters: A candidate applies for a job, or expresses interest in an opportunity, and then goes completely silent. No response to emails or calls. No follow-up on status of resume […]

New Look for Linkedin Privacy and Settings

For many, the Linkedin Privacy & Settings page has been a little like the dentist; a place they didn’t ever want to visit but they knew they had to. At Intero, we spend a lot of time reviewing this page with our clients and reassuring them that there’s no need to be overwhelmed or intimidated […]

Ways to Keep in Touch Feature on LinkedIn

Welcome to the new format for our Quick Tip blog posts! This feature provides screenshots for each step, along with easy to follow instructions. In the coming weeks, we will also be sharing more information about how this format will be available to our customers through Step by Step Tutorials for simple, at-your-own-pace LinkedIn training. […]

Update: How to Add Bullet Points to Your LinkedIn Profile

About a year ago, I published a blog post on how to add bullet points to your LinkedIn profile. I couldn’t believe how popular that post was! So many people Liked, Shared and Commented. It was great fun! Unfortunately, the code to create a bullet point that I shared in that post became non-functioning several […]

A New Approach to Networking

Recently, I’ve been trying out a new approach to networking. To provide you with some backstory, here are a few things you probably don’t know about me: I’m a total introvert. (No, not all recruiters are extroverts). I find traditional networking meet-ups to be pretty painful. We’ve talked a lot at Intero about how cold […]

Deadbeat Recruiters

    Listen along when you don’t have time to read: Recently, I wrote about Deadbeat Candidates and the challenge that recruiters face nowadays with poor follow-up, and sometimes, no follow-up at all. Well folks, the plight continues. But let me also say that I received a lot of feedback from candidates themselves, highlighting […]

New InMail Experience on LinkedIn

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

    Click below to hear a recording of this blog post:   LinkedIn InMails are a great tool for networking, business development and recruiting. For those of you who send or receive InMails on a regular basis, you may have recently noticed a notification on the top of your LinkedIn Inbox. As we’ve […]