The Other 50% of Recruiting

I recently had a conversation with a close contact of mine that is considering entering the world of recruiting. I am so happy and excited for him and the opportunities that await. Recruiting can be enormously rewarding work. I’ve played a role (however small) in professionals finding their passion, escaping jobs where they were under […]

A Frustrating Default Field in Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

“I’d like to change the information at the top of my profile where it lists ‘XYZ’ company and university.” I’ve received this request a dozen times or more recently. Typically, when something pops up with our clients several times, we decide to blog about it because we are fairly certain that there must be many […]

Uploading a Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

In working with job seekers regularly, I see lots of resumes; so much time, thought and hard work that has been lovingly poured into one document that’s supposed to sum up your entire career. No big deal, right? I recently realized that it’s been quite a while since I saw a resume on anyone’s Profile. […]

Your LinkedIn Account: Where You’re Signed In

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

There are certain things about the internet that are still a mystery to me. My brother-in-law is in IT. Sometimes I ask him about these mysteries in an effort to clear up the continuous confusion I suffer from with things like my computer cache, cookies and browser extensions. But I often glaze over in total […]

A Great Resource for LinkedIn Background Photos

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

The LinkedIn background photo feature is a great way to create visual interest on your Profile. It can also be an opportunity to make a statement about who you are or what you’re interested in, or to share a company logo or other marketing information about your business. But so many people leave their background […]

Share Content Easily on LinkedIn

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Have you ever read or seen an article that someone else posted on LinkedIn and thought “That is a great quote!” or even “Wow! Check that statement out! I wish I could tweet this!” Well ladies and gentlemen, you are in luck! LinkedIn has great tools and features that allow you to do just that. […]

Lessons I Learned From Our Office Dog, Lucy

It’s Monday and there are lots of things to get done here at Intero, but last night we lost our office dog and valued team member, Lucy, and frankly it’s hard to think about anything else right now. I once heard it said that one of life’s cruelest realities is that the life span of a […]

Create a Candidate Assignment

There are many things to consider in finding the right candidate. I’m always shocked by how so many accomplished executives, business owners and managers shudder at the thought of recruiting; these are people that have faced challenge after challenge, and have found enormous success, but you ask them to think through their next hiring decision […]

Woo Your Candidates

Woo: (verb) to solicit favor or approval; entreat Every couple of months, it comes to my attention that #1) many employers think that recruiting and hiring are simple and #2) many employers are not prepared or equipped to deal with the challenges that come with recruiting top talent. We’ve written a lot on the topic of recruiting and hiring preparedness […]