How Branding, Employee Engagement + Wellness Can Create a Stronger Workforce

We know how tough finding, and keeping, the right talent can be. This week on our podcast, in:dispensable, Colleen interviews Rachel Druckenmiller who has devoted her career to wellness, engagement and all-around workplace health. Rachel shares her wonderful insight on employee engagement, leading intentionally and how to truly value employees. The blog posts below can […]

Consider Your “Brand”

We’ve talked a lot about personal, professional and online brands over the years. Many people may think they’re different, but the reality today is that anyone who looks you up online is most likely going to see all of it. What are you putting out there? The following blog posts will help you to consider […]

Employee Referral Programs Are a No-Brainer

When you’re facing a major challenge, it’s sometimes really tough to identify a solution. I know this is true in life, but it’s also true in business. Nearly every client we speak with tells us that recruiting and hiring is their major challenge right now. In a recent post, I talk about hiring readiness and […]

LinkedIn Recruiter: How I Made the Top 1%

On 3/13/19, I received this message from LinkedIn: I am not at all a person that seeks accolades or awards, however, I have to admit, this was pretty cool. Out of curiosity, I performed a search on LinkedIn Recruiter, including current titles such as Recruiter, Sourcer and Talent Acquisition Manager, and came up with over […]

The Dreaded Cover Letter

Writing cover letters can be really challenging. I have an interesting vantage point because I am often coaching job seekers, but I am also a Recruiter. I am amazed by the number of times my coaching clients ask about this one specific thing with such desperation and frustration. It is usually one of their first […]

The Benefits of a Transparent Culture

There is a lot of discussion these days about the tight labor market and, specifically, how it’s affecting small businesses. I read one story about a restaurant that’s offering one free meal a day for a year to anyone that refers a successful candidate. Businesses are taking extra (and some may argue, necessary) steps to […]

Meet Sarah: Our Marketing Specialist

Meet Sarah! Sarah is our newest team member at Intero Advisory. A business major with English and marketing minors from Washington College, Sarah has a passion for writing and creativity. Sarah loves clothing and catching up on the latest trends in fashion. She applies her creative spirit and her keen eye for detail to her […]

How to Recommend Someone on LinkedIn

Inform Tip and Tutorials

We recently posted about How to Request a Recommendation on LinkedIn. Recommendations are a great way to attract interest in your Profile. They can also mean a lot to the person being recommended. Have you recently worked with someone that was particularly skilled at their job or great to work with? You should recommend them […]

How to Request a Recommendation on LinkedIn

Inform Tip and Tutorials

One of the most powerful ways to bring credibility to your background and experience is through the recommendations of others. This has always been true for networking, letters of recommendations and referrals. The same is true of our LinkedIn profiles. If you haven’t yet been recommended on LinkedIn, you may want to create a strategy […]

The Email Addresses Associated With Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

We have encountered this problem time and time again… Someone changes jobs, their old work email is the only email address associated with their LinkedIn profile, and they are suddenly unable to make any changes that require receiving an email from LinkedIn; the most common scenario is attempting to change your password. So, stop whatever […]