Create a Better LinkedIn Company Page and Start Marketing Confidently

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“What’s the point of a LinkedIn company Page?” “It doesn’t really do anything.” “My marketing agency told us we need to run ad campaigns, but it seems so expensive and complicated.” “What’s the best campaign to run? How much do I need to spend?” These are common questions and comments from leaders, marketers, and recruiters.  […]

How Well Are You Executing Your Recruiting and Retention Strategy?

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Key Takeaways: 1. You are not setting your recruiting process or teams up for success. 2. Most recruiters/hr professionals do not have the time or ability to recruit proactively. 3. Pipelining should be a consistent activity. Be proactive, not reactive, to yield desired results. Attracting and retaining talent is difficult in a tight labor market. […]

15 Ways to Build Your LinkedIn Content to Attract Candidates and Buyers

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Key Takeaways: 1. Candidates and buyers expect a certain level of sophistication and proficiency from you on LinkedIn. 2. Content is a key strategy for SEO and PR. 3. Encouraging your employees to shape their personal brand may be daunting, however, it is necessary to further your message and create credibility. Content can be a […]

The Key to Greater Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn? Invest.

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Over the last three months, we’ve covered mindset, LinkedIn profile updates and buildouts, relevance, and the importance of your employee’s networks. Each topic is essential and often overlooked by leadership, marketing, and recruiting teams.  While focusing on the individual, LinkedIn also provides a collective view of the organization. For small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, […]

Why You Need Your Employee’s LinkedIn Network

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Key takeaway Maybe your LinkedIn Company Page followers aren’t the metric you should be paying the most attention to on LinkedIn. Most organizations boast that one of their key differentiators is their people. People. People. People. And, most employees want to work for a company whose culture aligns with their values. Culture. Culture. Culture. In […]

How Companies Can Increase Their Digital Voice

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KEY ACTIONS Acknowledge that others use LinkedIn to vet and verify you (and, your colleagues and teams.) Craft a plan to gain best practices so that you can maximize LinkedIn for your branding and business initiatives. Triage your current LinkedIn profile and network. LinkedIn Profiles, remain some of the MOST underwhelming, underperforming, and boring digital […]

Showing Up is Just the Beginning— Mindset Sets the Tone

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Audio recording: Key takeaways: You can’t expect to build a professional community if you aren’t willing to jump in and be active. How you show up determines how others see you. Key Actions: Let’s get creative with LinkedIn and PLAY. Position yourself with a beginner’s mind Learn with intention Apply our It’s Business, Not Social™ […]

Our Reflection on in:side Group Coaching

in:side group coaching reflection

At the start of 2020, my team and I introduced online weekly group coaching as part of our learning program in:side. We weren’t sure who would show up or how it would go. We knew that it would be beneficial if we delivered great content and committed people joined in. When March rolled around, and […]

Giving Thanks is an Act Worth Repeating

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So often, disparate emotions and experiences co-exist; goodness and sadness; birth and death; confidence and fear; loss and gain. It’s how life rolls. No one is immune even when we retreat into the land of remote work, life, and play. As I write this and reflect on 2021, my family and I will most assuredly […]

Lessons Learned from Socializing My New Puppy


July 19, 2021, was a summer day like any other in Baltimore; hot and pretty humid. From my office, I could hear all the kids at the community pool across the street. I love the sounds in our neighborhood and am especially drawn to and fond of the sounds of the kids playing and swimming […]