Creating Strategic Connections: Get Deeper for Better Sales Performance

sales performance

According to the 95-5 rule, only 5% of your potential buyers are ready to buy within any quarter, meaning that 95% of potential buyers will be “in-market” sometime in the future. Consider your addressable market, and then do the math.  Then consider that rarely is a decision made by one person, especially on B2B products […]

No More Spray and Pray – Sell Smarter – Account-Based Sales

glossary of terms - account based sales

Spaghetti on a wall works for lots of sales professionals. However, buyers are savvy and want the information to be relevant and add immediate value. Random messages with little value or context dilutes a person or company’s reputation and brand position.

Account-based Marketing and Sales Drive Greater Deal Value

Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Sales

Many of our clients have adopted an account-based marketing and sales approach and are jazzed about introducing LinkedIn Sales Navigator into their process. User-generated and filtered information provides the insight, entry points, and potential connections clients need as they build their account-based marketing and sales process. If you are not using Sales Navigator for ABM/ABS, […]

A Guide to the Most Important B2B Marketing Terms and Their Definitions

B2B Marketing Terms for small to mid-sized businesses.

B2B marketing is a broad area and depending on the size of the organization – some terms may know and used whiles others aren’t. Presuming we all mean the same thing when we toss around marketing terms can be problematic. Worse, it can alter expectations, muddy how results are viewed and judged, and undermine the […]

Attracting Better Opportunities through a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Full-funnel marketing strategy.

A full-funnel marketing strategy is an approach to marketing that focuses on moving potential customers through the various stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion. The goal is to ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers by providing them with relevant and valuable information and experiences throughout their journey. Too often […]

Create a Better LinkedIn Company Page and Start Marketing Confidently

marketing LinkedIn

“What’s the point of a LinkedIn company Page?” “It doesn’t really do anything.” “My marketing agency told us we need to run ad campaigns, but it seems so expensive and complicated.” “What’s the best campaign to run? How much do I need to spend?” These are common questions and comments from leaders, marketers, and recruiters.  […]

How Well Are You Executing Your Recruiting and Retention Strategy?

recruiting LinkedIn

Key Takeaways: 1. You are not setting your recruiting process or teams up for success. 2. Most recruiters/hr professionals do not have the time or ability to recruit proactively. 3. Pipelining should be a consistent activity. Be proactive, not reactive, to yield desired results. Attracting and retaining talent is difficult in a tight labor market. […]

15 Ways to Build Your LinkedIn Content to Attract Candidates and Buyers

content LinkedIn

Key Takeaways: 1. Candidates and buyers expect a certain level of sophistication and proficiency from you on LinkedIn. 2. Content is a key strategy for SEO and PR. 3. Encouraging your employees to shape their personal brand may be daunting, however, it is necessary to further your message and create credibility. Content can be a […]

The Key to Greater Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn? Invest.

employee advocacy

Over the last three months, we’ve covered mindset, LinkedIn profile updates and buildouts, relevance, and the importance of your employee’s networks. Each topic is essential and often overlooked by leadership, marketing, and recruiting teams.  While focusing on the individual, LinkedIn also provides a collective view of the organization. For small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, […]

Why You Need Your Employee’s LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn network

Key takeaway Maybe your LinkedIn Company Page followers aren’t the metric you should be paying the most attention to on LinkedIn. Most organizations boast that one of their key differentiators is their people. People. People. People. And, most employees want to work for a company whose culture aligns with their values. Culture. Culture. Culture. In […]