The LinkedIn Job Feature is Better Than Ever

Are you looking for a new job? Jobless and need a new career? Curious to see what opportunities are out there? You may not know, but LinkedIn has a feature that will make your life much easier. When you log into your account, you’ll see a Jobs icon on the top bar in between Network […]

Are You Aware of What Contact Information is Posted on Your Profile?

Do you know what contact info is shared on LinkedIn

You know the email address you use to log into your LinkedIn profile? Most of you might not know this, but everyone you’re connected to has access to that email. Let me reiterate that everyone on LinkedIn cannot access this email, only the people in your network. You might not be a fan of this […]

Your Sales Navigator Inbox Now Plays a Critical Role

Do you have Sales Navigator? Do you prospect and send connection requests through the platform? If so, you may have noticed that previously, all connection request acceptances have been reflected in your LinkedIn messaging center, but not anymore. With your Sales Navigator subscription comes the ability to send InMails. When you send InMails using your […]

LinkedIn Tips for College Graduates

Last weekend, my friends and I were sitting outside enjoying lunch when we saw a group of three newly graduated students from the local college walk past us. We said congratulations and asked if and what they had lined up in the “job world.” They all looked at each other and laughed a bit, saying […]

Do You Know Who’s in Your LinkedIn Network?

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Do you have hundreds of LinkedIn connections? Maybe just over 100? Whatever category you fit into, it’s important to ask yourself these questions: Do you know who each of those Connections are? Are they beneficial to keep in your network? Do they add value to your network? Let’s be clear, LinkedIn is not Facebook where […]

5 LinkedIn Tips From an Avid LinkedIn User

“So what’s your plan after graduation?” This is arguably the most dreaded question a person can ask a college student. Roughly 80% of students change their major throughout school, either due to disinterest, competitiveness, or difficulty. I changed my major twice; Nursing when I applied to school, then Economics the first week, and then finally […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Network Development

    Don’t have time to read? Listen along at your convenience: It’s the age-old question of LinkedIn: Who do I want in my network and how do I connect with them? LinkedIn gives you multiple ways to connect with your colleagues, associates, and influencers that you network with. Many of these people are […]

The LinkedIn Groups App

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

    Listen along if you don’t have time to read today’s post: A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn introduced its new Groups app. Why does this app function separately from the main app? It makes for faster conversations within Groups and better accessibility to like-minded people outside of your Connections. Think of it […]

LinkedIn For College Students

Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

As an intern with Intero Advisory last summer, I had some great exposure to LinkedIn and all the platform has to offer for college students. With this new exposure, I decided that this past winter was a good time to update my LinkedIn Profile. I had gained a lot of great skills that could be […]