Advisory Group

Good fit?

  • You know LinkedIn is a key platform for you and your business to grow because your clients, prospects, and trusted partners use LinkedIn.
  • You tend to be an early adopter, look for ways to increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce status quo thinking.
  • You want to transition your sales team to social selling.
  • Your clients are using LinkedIn and you’re concerned that you’re missing out.
  • You’re committed to strategically aligning with LinkedIn’s platform to grow your digital footprint, increase your business development activities, leverage your professional network, seek out top talent for your organization and share your expertise and thought leadership through the use of original content creation and sharing.
  • You recognize LinkedIn is constantly changing and you have no way to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Your marketing person is a generalist busy managing many initiatives and can’t keep current on LinkedIn.
  • You’re blogging and no one is noticing.
  • You’re committed to changing up your status quo NOW.
  • You’ve agreed that your sales team needs ongoing training and coaching through a combination of delivery methods including in-person, guided step-by-step tutorials, and the content available through our blog posts.
  • You’re not interested in transactional training and will adjust your budget to accommodate a strategic consulting arrangement to go deep and experience greater success.
  • You’re willing to commit time and energy to collaborating on your LinkedIn strategy and plan.
  • You have someone internally that serves as your point person.

Fabulous. Our online advisory groups include:

  • Weekly webcasts on beginner, intermediate, and advanced LinkedIn topics including Sales Navigator, Recruiter, and LinkedIn Advertising. All sessions will be recorded and available for attendees.
  • Exclusive content centered on quick tips, messaging, and our monthly in-depth LinkedIn Action Plan for Sales.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials via blog, video, slideshow, and PDF’s.
  • Online Q&A
  • Discounted 1:1 coaching


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