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Quick Tips for LinkedIn Jobs

Have you ever read or seen an article that someone else posted on LinkedIn and thought “That is a great quote!” or even “Wow! Check that statement out! I wish I could tweet this!” Well ladies and gentlemen, you are in luck! LinkedIn has great tools and features that allow you to do just that.

Our Quick Tips are inspired by client questions, new features, and the how-to “tricks” we uncover from spending the majority of our days in LinkedIn. Not only is this LinkedIn feature an easy and quick way to share a quote, statement, or phrase with your network, it’s also an easy way to update and engage with your network.

Let’s take a look.

To share a quote, statement or phrase, highlight whatever it is you want to share. Once you’ve highlighted the text, a blue arrow appears to the right.

Choose LinkedIn or Twitter. (Note: If your Twitter is not connected with your LinkedIn account, you might not be able to share it on Twitter).

A new window will pop up. Edit the text as needed (be mindful of character count) and click “Share” or “Tweet.”

Share on LinkedIn:

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Now is the time to share away! This is an easy way to share valuable content with your network.

Our blog posts, tips, and suggestions are accurate at the time of publication. 

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