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Today’s quick tip is chock-full with information that I believe is really valuable. I’m frequently asked the character limits for messages, updates, profiles, and ads on LinkedIn, so I decided to create this post as a great little cheat sheet.

Disclaimer, LinkedIn frequently makes changes. The limits that I am sharing in today’s post may not be correct a month from now or even a few hours after I post. With this in mind, I suggest you use these limits as rough estimates when you are working inside of LinkedIn.

1. Your Profile

[bctt tweet=”Your #LinkedIn headline has a text limit of 120 characters maximum.”]
Your headline has a text limit of 120 characters maximum. Your summary section has a limit of 2,000 characters. On your experience section, Your position title has a text limit of 100 characters and your description has a limit of 1,000.

Learn more about character limits on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Your LinkedIn Company Page

[bctt tweet=”Your #LinkedIn Company Page Description can be 200 characters min and 1500 max.”]
LinkedIn company page text limits are as followed:

Company Name: 100 maximum characters
Description: 200 minimum and 1500 maximum characters
Specialties: 256 maximum characters
Website URL: 256 maximum characters

On showcase pages, the page name can be up to 100 characters maximum and the description can be 75-200 characters max.

3. LinkedIn Updates and Long-Form Posts

[bctt tweet=”When sharing a regular update on #LinkedIn, your text limit is 600 characters max.”]
When sharing a regular update, your text limit is 600 characters maximum. However, remember if you select to also post on Twitter from LinkedIn, only the first 140 characters will be visible on your Twitter post. If you are creating a long-form post, there is no maximum set on the length of your post.

Find out the difference between posting an update vs. publishing a post.

4. LinkedIn Groups

[bctt tweet=”When commenting on a group discussion, your text limit is 4000 characters max.”]
When sharing or better known as starting a discussion, your text limit is 200 characters in the title and 4000 characters when adding more details. When commenting on a group discussion, your text limit is 4000 characters max.

5. Private Messages, (Regular or InMail)

[bctt tweet=”Sending a private #Linkedin message? Your text limit is 2000 characters max.”]
When sending a private message or InMail on Linkedin your text limit is 2000 characters max.

6. LinkedIn Advertising

[bctt tweet=”Direct Sponsored Content has a text limit of 160 characters max.”]
There are three types of DIY LinkedIn advertising: Text Ads, Sponsored Content or Direct Sponsored Content.

With text ads, your headline can be up to 25 characters and the message body can be up to 75 characters long. Sponsored Content follows the same character limits as sharing an update above. Direct Sponsored Content has a text limit of 160 characters maximum.

I hope you find this post useful. Now go, spend some time on LinkedIn.

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